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Is anyone interested in Pharmacudical?

Well i am very, i know it involves a lot of math and chemistry, but it sounds fun. Wearin a white coat and stuff Razz. but the matter is, you can get over 100k$ per year, and you start at 80k... dayum
I thought i wanted to be a pharmacist (and perhaps still do) but it's a lot of schooling ($$$) as is any other medical profession. In the state of oregon, to obtain your pharm.d degree, it's four years of undergraduate work and 3 years graduate varying a bit on the pace that you go. But even if i got my degree and worked 100k per year, it didn't seem appleasing. I job shadowed and the typical pharmacist just dispensed medication and consulted patients all day long. I can't imagine doing that for 50+ years >< Job outlook is great though, don't get me wrong. Pharmaceuticals and research would probably be more interesting but i guess it didn't interest me much anymore =p. My friends are head over heals about it though.
As with all occupations, it is not for everyone. Because of the long schooling time, this job does have a very high starting salary, but I would rather work at a job that interests me, something more technical...
Yes, i like this. It's a very interesting subject
I plan on studying Equine Science when (if) I go to university (my two great loves -horses and chemistry- brought together). If not, I would love to just study pure science, and see what direction that takes me...

The biggest problem for me is the cost... But hopefully I will be getting a job soon, at a local pharmacy (just stacking shelves and things like that), so I can start to save some money up...

But many Science related jobs (including pharmaceutical ones) don't actually have that high a starting salary... Not in the UK, anyway... I haven't Checked in Spain because I don't intend in staying here... But in the UK they start at around 20000 a year for someone fresh out of uni...
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