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Çanakkale Victory

In 18 March 1915 Turkish army won the Çanakkale war(Chanakkale). Turkish army fought army of England,France,NewZealand and Australia.This war was happened on Gelibolu peninsula in World War I.The leader of the army was Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

In the war, there were 6000 bullet per metre square.This war provided that nothing is imposibble in 1915.Moreover, this war is unique.Because during the war(but actually war has paused nights) , Turkish army and armies of the other countries helped to each other. They gave food to each other. They cured their wounded soldiers. This war was happened with humanity. This war is so important.

Due to victory of Turkish army,Russia wasnt helped by England. So czardom (tsardom)Russia collapsed.


Do you know this war? Have you ever heard anything about this war?
That is my history laying back there how can't I forget. Cannakkale Gecilmez!
Back in the days of WWI and WWII people used to help each other out, when two countries went to war they saw each other as opponents and often burried the other with the upmost of respect in a heros berrial. I'm also sure everyone knows the story of Germany and England during WWI.

Wikipedia wrote:
The Christmas truce began on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1914, during World War I, when German troops began decorating the area around their trenches in the region of Ypres, Belgium, for Christmas. They began by placing candles on trees, then continued the celebration by singing Christmas carols, namely Stille Nacht (Silent Night). The British troops in the trenches across from them responded by singing English carols.

The two sides continued by shouting Christmas greetings to each other. Soon thereafter, there were calls for visits across the "No Man's Land", where small gifts were exchanged — whisky, cigars, and the like. The artillery in the region fell silent that night. The truce also allowed a breathing spell where recently-fallen soldiers could be brought back behind their lines by burial parties. Proper burials took place as soldiers from both sides mourned the dead together and paid their respect. At one funeral in No Man's Land, soldiers from both sides gathered and read a passage from the 23rd Psalm:

More on that story:

Makes you proud to be English doesn't it?
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