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Server 2 down???

Lord Klorel
Hello everyone,

I have just discovered that server 2 is down again. Evil or Very Mad Yesterday i could work fine on my account.

I hope that is problem is not only my problem.

If there are other server 2 users and you can't access your account post in this topic. So i can see that i am not the only one. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

otherwise i am Embarassed Embarassed

Lord Klorel
Don't worry, same in here, hopefully the automatic reboot will work, otherwise cross your finger nothing bad happend.
yup.... it's gone with the wind Very Happy
Hopefully it won't take long to get it back online
Unfortunately (for the others, like me) you are not the only one Sad

But i've noticed that my ftp-account is still working ...

so I think that is is maybe the same problem as here :

In the past day's I also notised some slow-downs, but maybe that's normal, I only have my account since friday.

I hope it will be fixed soon,
my uptimepage is already dropped to 95% (the account was created yesterday)
Yeah, it's gone! Even though I can access my Control Panel and FTP Account, when I type in my site's URL,, it doesn't display anything. Do you also get a "Page cannot be Displayed"?
Here's a workaround for people who need to access Directadmin

Apprantly, Apache crashed Sad.
i do too yesterday it worked perfectly now its just vanished
Yes, same problem for me. Hopefully it will go up soon. :/
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy we are back..... don't forget to do your backups.... just in case!
Er, I hope that our MySQL databases aren't affected because I spent quite a lot of time to configure it.
Also, how much time do you think it will take? Will Apache's downtime error cause anything to our files? Any harm or something like that? Please tell me. I am very restless about these things.
Apache has nothing to do with MySQL databases. In fact, it has nothing to do with your files. It just "serves" them to the client (browsers). Anyway, it seems like things are back to normal again. Smile
My apologies for the downtime, there seems to be a few problems with apache on the second server causing both a high load and apache crashing. Most likely due to some misconfiguration. This has been going on for quite a while now, but only now causing problems. I'm trying to fix it.

assex, Apache is the program that serves/handles webpages. If it is not working, then your website won't show up. However it has nothing to do with databases and files and won't affect them.

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