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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: who is Kadaj???

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Very Happy Bonjour to everyone! Yesterday, I've meaningfully watched FFVII: AC and caught myself drooling over the perfection of that CG movie! Simply the best! Tifa looks just hot as she should be; Cloud is ... no words; and master Sephiroth is PERFECT!!! I should say that the final battle is in no way bad or anything negative! A one winged angel... perfect!

Now I've got confused with the game's original plot and the movie's plot. Sephiroth was born from Lucrecia and Hojo with JENOVA cells... ok. There was a rumour that, after his (Sephiroth) death, he could control the other living beings that were carrying JENOVA cells too, and even morphing himself from them...

When Cloud and Kadaj fights, he gets really mad for losing his "mama", and in one point, maybe from the fury or anything, Kadaj morphs into Sephiroth ("still remember me? ...")! In this scene, did Kadaj was so furious and used JENOVA to the point that JENOVA itself morphed him into the great Sephiroth? Or Sephiroth itself appeared from Kadaj for the pay day?

Well, post you opinions!
What happened was....

He combined Jenova's head with his body in order to recreate sephiroth.

Kadaj is a spawn of sephiroth, and contained Sephiroth's soul in his body. It was sephiroth's spirit that influenced Kadaj to search for Jenova's head and recreate him. It was also Sephiroth's spirit that told him finding the head would cause the "Reunion"
Very Happy I see... just as I thought. And that's why Sephiroth said "I won't become a memory..."

Thanx dude!
As much as I love Final Fantasy 7, I think that Advent Children was a little disapointing, in that there wasn't enough strength in the plot. FF7 has a masterful plot, with many side stories, where as FF7: AC lacked a little, not to say that it was a bad movie. What I don't understand is how when Cloud HATED Shinra, why would he decide to work alongside them? That there doesn't make a lot of sense. As much as I loved seeing Reno and Rude fight as the "good guys" as well, but they were never on the same page as Cloud and co. Thoughts?

Also, I understand that all three of the silver haired men were basically Sephiroth's reincarnations, but where the heck did they come from? How do three fully grown men just randomly appear, and why wouldn't they give us a little back story on the three?
Well you have to understand, this movie was made specifically for peple who played the game.

Also, yes they were spawns of sephiroth, but they didn't just appear. They slowly grew from the remains of sephiroth during the 2 years of peace and geostigma going around(they matured quickly due to the way sephiroth cells were. He was an experiment afterall with quick aging till maturity). And sephiroth was manipulating Kadaj, who then led the other 2. Thats the basic idea of it all.

Cloud hated shinra, but he helped them in order to save the children, and to prevent the return of sephiroth and another reunion. That is the main reason he helped Shinra. It wasn't shinra directly, it was some of the things they were doing.
Hey... you might wanna put a nice ***SPOILERS**** on the thread title. People who haven't seen the movie certainly don't want to be reading any of the posts in this thread.
I dont think the movie get saby better than when theyu are fighting Bahamut, of they dont name it, but you know.

and when they are all tossing him in the air.

ooh and before that barrets line, "your late bitch!"

doesnt get much better
Well many critiques have been made about the movie but I do agree with the fact that it was made for those who had played the game. It would really be hard for those to understand if they havnt. But unfortunately I must say myself that yes the movie did come a bit disappointing because they could've made the battling more significant. The final "final battle" as such was kinda shortened just like that. Like yes his final attack looked good and all but thhe lenght of the battle seemed so short. Anyone agree?
But yeh they did do a commendable job of the graphics, the characterising and the weapons were very pleasing.

HAHA best part. Tifa's battle~! Probably the best 3d recreation i reckon. But everyone else was good too.
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Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding is a 3D game based on the snowboarding mini-game from the original Final Fantasy VII RPG on the PSone. Starring a shredding Cloud, you must race down three courses, collecting balloons while avoiding icy obstacles. It's not quite a Square Enix fan's dream -- especially considering the fact that Japanese cellphones have a proper Final Fantasy RPG -- but it's certainly better than a poke in the eye.

As you slash down the three hills, you collect balloons for points. Several balloons can be grabbed just by running through them, but others require a little jumping technique. Balloon points figure into your final score. If you finish the course speedily, collect enough balloons, and do it with a little style, you can open up the next track. Each track gets a little longer and offers up more challenging obstacles, including snowy Moogles, thick tree groves, and sharp turns. Unless you played the hell out of the mini-game in the PSone game and have achieved a certain fusion with your phone's thumbpad, it will take multiple attempts to complete each course.

Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding is not the most engaging cellphone game you'll play -- but it's safe to say it certainly surpasses the majority of VCAST offerings. The game actually presents a solid sense of velocity, but get going too fast and the admittedly non-elegant thumbpad may steer you wrong. You will wish, from time to time, you had a PSone pad -- usually when you watch a balloon zip by because you couldn't turn tight enough.

As a 3D game, Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding is a mixed bag. The Cloud character model looks great -- just like his PSone counterpart, but with a little more grain, but still impressive for a cellphone. The courses are somewhat plain, by in full 3D, unlike the static balloon sprites that hang over the landscape like refugees from some 1987 side-scroller. The camera could use a little work, as it sometimes does you wrong on sharp turns. It will occasionally swoop behind a snow bank, showing you the inside of the track model rather than where little Cloud is going.

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