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DVD Program


I have a dvd burner and i was wondering how i can put the DVD onto the computer so i can watch it. What program will i need to use? Thanks
For copying and/or ripping dvd's on your hard disc, I could only recommend DVD Shrink.
This is a free software, unlike Clone DVD, Nero, and many others.

Once your DVD is ripped, like ranzon said, the best solution to emulate it is Daemon Tools.

Have fun ! Smile
I think jarred89 meant player not DVDripper..

Inter WinDVD is a good program to use. There are a few more out there. It is basically your preference.
Actually, with DVD Shrink you have the possibility to copy the DVD on your hard disk. This is exactly what he asked to: "put the DVD onto the computer".

Once the DVD is on the hard disk, there are surely more solutions. Daemon tools will emulate a virtual DVD reader, which can open the previously saved DVD.
If you just want to watch DVDs, you can use freeware MaXimus DVD 1.2 and the FreeDVD codec.
This is legal freeware, the only for DVD playing as far as I know.
First of all, you can watch a dvd movies with windows media player 10. This player is integred in yours windows operating system. But you must to sent a dvd codects from or somethere to watch this format movies.
Also you can use the program WINDVD. I have used this program. I think it is very fast and easy to use. But this program costs a lot of moneys. If you have enought moneyes i suggest it for you! It is really a good program.
use Xillasoft software to convert Dvd files to avi or mpeg and save to ypr hard disk
The best soft was PowerDVD 4. Now. PowerDVD 6 is some sh** (sorry for bad words). I suggest downloading Zoom Player 5.00 and find crack in google. It is the best way to watch dvd nour days (it is jsut my opinion).
Of course buying that software is not an option, especially because it's so good! :/
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