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google adsense

karanmalik will someone tell me how do we actually get paid by the google guys?
as in...will i get paid each time the ad is displayed or when someone will click on it?
I know they will send me a cheque when i gross more than 50bucks.
but how will i gross that much is what i want to know!
No they send your cheque out after you reach $100.
oh yeah,
but i really need to know how will i get to that figure of 100$
is it a direct result of the number oftimes the ad is displayed or the number of times a user clicks on it?
yes, its the amount of clicks.
karanmalik u should take this tour

This should clear your doubts.

Just register and enjoy.

Though its not easy to earn $100 easily, on a low volume site
Is it possible to customize AdSense so that I get back just a single adv. Is it page specific. What if I have a plugin that provides some value add to an existing page and I wanted to display a single adv along with a tool tip or something that is displayed as a result of the interaction of the browser plugin with the page?[/quote]
I've heard from a few people they were very dissapointed with Ad Sense. Has anyone else heard this, or is it just me?
If you have a small website then it will take very long before they pay you. Maybe that's why. Wink
i use gmail and .mac mac costs but is much better and i know that
Google will pay you a little bit for each click an add you posted recieves. It's not a giant amount.

Google also includes a handy page once you logon to the AdSense service that will tell you how much money you have made, either total or for any given time period, and will also give a prediction of how much money you should make based on click-throughs verses page views.

I have an AdSense account. I think I'm up to about $1.14. I decided to take the ads off of my site because they were probably just annoying my visitors (My friends and my mom), and not making me any money. The ads weren't very relevent, at any rate. My front page had ads for hot tubs, when the page didn't even mention hot tubs.

But if you have a relatively high-volume site, and don't want to work much, AdSense is pretty useful.
the amount that google adsense pays is too small no doubt but is there any other which pays better with high efficiency. some comes and goes so often, we just can't trust those. can anyone let me know a good one?
Adsense is the higest paying right now, but again depends on the keywords, what other ads allow you to change the color, size of the ads?, theres hardly any like it.
Google adsense is one of the best internet advertisement program.

Google send cheque to your address if your account is reached just 100$

i never seems to get to that limit, its been about 2 yrs now.... lolz
In fact, how can you get so many visitors? I am doing web design for at least 6 years and i think I never had more than 50 visitors a day on a website... Excepting one, for a week... that's because I've made a very cute Christmas greeting and evryone was sending the adress of my website via Yahoo! Messenger...

I've done a lot of... SEO... I've added my sites to every web directory... Almost no result... This is so not good...
it is really good one, and paying highly than other like bidvertiser, etc..

They will send when u reach 100$..(monthly)
chosing correct keyword is the only solution get more earning and popularity of u r website
Please use the official thread on Adsense in the Advertising forum. This is not a computer problem or a support request.

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