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The Sims?

Anyone here play the Sims? Specifically, TS1? I'll probably move on to sims 2 at some point, but the range of custom content for ts1 has me very well engrossed so far.
I played TS1 for a while, but it got old pretty fast, what with needing to kill them when I got tired of them. Very Happy I then switched to TS2, which is so much better, especially with the aging function. It also provides much improved building functions.
heh....killing off sims can be quite fun Smile Or maybe I'm just of the most recent add-ons I downloaded and added to my game was a rentable hitman. I can't wait to try him out Twisted Evil
oh, i loved playing the sims Very Happy i was seriously addicted to it for the first few months. . i haven't played it for a while though. and my computer isn't fast enough for sims 2 Rolling Eyes
I played sims1, for seven years, and also I had few sites for the game of my I am playing sims2, and have all EP's.
I think it is one of the best games on the planet...and the best thing is that you can have all that, that you can't have in real life Very Happy
Wouldn't it be great to have rosebud in real life? I would love to just be able to pull $1000 out of thin air whenever I needed it.... Very Happy
SusieSmacktard wrote:
(...) one of the most recent add-ons I downloaded and added to my game was a rentable hitman.

ha, ha! Where did you download that?
I play the Sims 2 all of the time. I just got the Sims 2 Open for Buisseness and it is the best game I have played in a long time, I haven't stoped playing it since I got it. I can't wait untill the next expanssion pack.
I played the first Sims once, when I was at the house of a friend of mine, and we started killing them, what else can you do with them? It's nice, but a little bit too time-consuming for me. Smile
it´s a nice game indeed, but after some time you get bored of the and you start killing em Wink played al the parts so far.
I have the sims, but not play.
As much as i love the sims, i HIGHLY recommend NOT getting it for the cell is nothing like the sims 1 or 2..horrible.
I was sooooo mad jealous when my cousin got the sims... he had livin it up too, so I got it for christmas, like, ages ago and I still haven't got bored of it! I like sooooo totally am late for school once I get playing (Which IS often)
I played the Sims when "Unleashed" first came out. I had so much fun with that thing--especially getting Santa. Unless you got stuck in a glitch where Santa would put a gift on every square lot in the property. My family couldn't wake up until he was gone. He couldn't leave until every square had a gift in it. Every square coudln't have a gift in it because they kept catching on fire.. It was a frustrating cycle, but worth it in the longrun. Very Happy

I don't have a PC fast enough to handle the Sims2, otherwise I'd get it... Right now I just have a cheapie laptop
Hi gang.. this is one sims player... I think that sims is one of the best educational games, one of the best pre-communication and pre-human relations training and I also think that sims is one hell of a graphic pleasure. As many users here and there, I took the game first from the internet Razz Shame on me, i know. Still, this happened somewhere in 2001 or so.. long time ago. Back then, the game was simply sims, TS1 if u like. I played for some days and when the "virus" finally got me i went to the store and bought it. Since then, I collected all the sims from TS1 and the ones that came out from TS2. I thik TS2 is a great improvement to TS1. What I like most about it is that it lets u play God Mr. Green .

your sims freek, Rolling Eyes

Yes i played the sims for a very long time. I have all expansion packs to sims 1 and all packs to sims 2....overall the sims got old pretty fast! When i first started playing the sims it was sims 1....i played that for about half a year....then moved on to mmorpg/fps...which i found r 10x better lol. Then i bought the sims got old really fast...i stopped playing the sims in general in about a week after getting the sims 2 lol! Overall im just sick of the sims........but its still a EXTREMELY nice and realistic game...i just got sick of it cause i noticed better things for me!
I played the Sims 1 all the time back in ...uh what year was it???

Had almost all the expansion packs.......

Sims 2 ??

saw it at a friend's house but never thought back about it..... it's fun though Smile
i have the sims, and the sims rich life or something (dunno, it's in dutch so Razz ) and i borrowed the sims 2 from a friend, and i loved it Very Happy
Man, i love Sims! i have all the sims game and i can't stop playing since... when? last year!! i played whenever i have time. Sims 2- Open for buisnesses is the best ever! i wonder what sims game that'll come up next. Wink
Wrong forum. Goes in games....
Yes, I have Sims, but I don't like that game... At the very begining game is interesting, but when I play longer game is so boring!
I used to love that game! I used to play it everyday an really progressed in it. I had lots of families and thought that it was really intresting how you could do so many things and build many things. However i lost interest in it as it became so boring and repepeititve. I wouldnt mind buying one of the newer editions and seeing how it fairs to how it used to be.
i was playing the sims 2 but i think it is boring now. Cool
SusieSmacktard wrote:
Anyone here play the Sims? Specifically, TS1? I'll probably move on to sims 2 at some point, but the range of custom content for ts1 has me very well engrossed so far.
I love the game, TS1 was the best one of the rest. TS2 is all right , but the new engine kinda is ehh I like the old look of the sims Smile
i play really hook up with the game.
I used to play the sims, a lot. First the sims, and then the sims two...
Just bought Sims2: Open for bussiness. It is super cool and it has many new options. Even is you got tired of the other packs the new pack is so different that I feel i am playing a new game. I still believe that Sims is the best game ever. By the way, anyone has any self made objects for the game that wants to share? If so it owuld be great.


Anyone here ever played Sims 2 for DS?
Great game, slightly short though....
It's nothing like the normal Sims games, you have to control a hotel..
SusieSmacktard wrote:
Anyone here play the Sims? Specifically, TS1? I'll probably move on to sims 2 at some point, but the range of custom content for ts1 has me very well engrossed so far.
I love Sims. I use to play TSO (the sims online) but stopped paying the 10 bucks for just playing due to the fact they lost all intrest in updating the game every month like they use to with new content now it takes like 5 months or more to add a simple bug fix Rolling Eyes Hopefully they are planning The sims online 2 using the Sims 2 eninge Smile
My friend owns TS1 and has all the expansion packs, so that's how I first learned about the Sims. Then I heard about the Sims 2 and my mom bought me that for my birthday. It was fun until I tried to leave my sims house and my computer wasn't able to load any of the places. So basically, it would be fun, but I'd have to get a faster computer. X]
i recently got The Sims 2 for my Gamecube and my step daughter loves it!
i must admit, it is kinda addictive! Smile
i love TS1.i had ts2,but it got badly scratched. Sad
anyone know any good ts1 sites??
What kind of Sims sites? Are you looking for object/skin downloads?
Juparis wrote:
I played the Sims when "Unleashed" first came out. I had so much fun with that thing--especially getting Santa. Unless you got stuck in a glitch where Santa would put a gift on every square lot in the property. My family couldn't wake up until he was gone. He couldn't leave until every square had a gift in it. Every square coudln't have a gift in it because they kept catching on fire.. It was a frustrating cycle, but worth it in the longrun. Very Happy

I don't have a PC fast enough to handle the Sims2, otherwise I'd get it... Right now I just have a cheapie laptop

Sims 2 is like the original sims, accounting for all of the stuff that you can put in your house, but the graphics are so much better. I hope they get pets for sims 2.
i like the sims i have the sims abracadabra -deluxe -super deluxe-the urbz-sims 2
I wonder.
Does anybody know where I can download a [truly] free download of the Sims/Sims 2 to play online?
Santa will come to your place if you have Unleashed(I think it's unleashed, maybe it's Hot Date) and you do the following:

1. Have a fireplace in the room
2. leave a plate of cookies in the same room
3. place a Christmas tree in the same room
4. get all your sims to bed before 10pm

Santa will show up around midnight or so, and leave a "present" like a fun item and some little gift boxes that don't contain anything but are fun for your sims to open.
I have The Sims 8 in 1 pack, and The Sims 2 whith all its expansions and I tell u it is the great game ever, u get to play with "people" lifes and that is so cool. U can have your best friends in it, or u can have your enemis, and make them suffer Laughing .
I like to make lots and upload them on the original site, and I even make one movie, but that one is on a diferent site, a fan site for Sims.
It is a replica of the video Scream wiht Michael Jackson and Janet Jasckson, and I have 5 stras for it, so i guess it is good.
Tell me if u wanna see it. Razz
I have the huge gold (? I think) edition with all of the expansions, but I go through periods where I play nothing *but* the Sims and then some times it never even crosses my mind. /grin
I used to play sims a lot and i still love sims.
I got really busy for past two years, so I haven't been playing at all Crying or Very sad
I didn't get to play sims 2 yet. but i'm really excited to do it.
sims is a great game and I have a lot of sims games.
original/ex1/party/vacation/downtown/pet/movie star'

I also recommend simtower.
It's an interesting game and it's pretty simple.
I think TS2 is so addictive, unlike TS1.
For me, compared to TS2, TS1 is kinda boring. Moreover with broad features that TS2 has, TS1 has no more updates/ expansions.

TS2 even made me get a C for one exam one time.. It was too addictive and I could not stand it..
I like to play the sims.
I played the Sims 1 extensively quite some ago for a long time...had all the expansions and a ton of extra downloaded clothing, houses, items and all that. After a while, I got bored though...but I did end up trying out a friend's copy of the Sims 2 and really liked that. The Sims 2 is super addicting and I really enjoy how much more versatile it is then the Sims 1. But I can totally agree with those who say they go through periods when they play nothing BUT the Sims and then after a week or two you're fine not playing it again for a few months or whatever...I've been there many times before. Razz Haven't tried The Sims Online but I haven't heard great things about it so I probably won't.
I did the sims online for a while. It' wasn't worth it. Most of your gameplay time is devoted to skilling, which gets really boring really fast.
I used to play the Sims a ton, but I haven't played any games for a long while now. The game is brilliant though, and appeals to almost anyone. I only have the base game, so without any booster packs it got boring pretty quick. However, once this weird clown (it came from one of the paintings) was in my house. He wouldn't leave until my meters when up but he kept making them miserable. I finally had to put the painting of the clown over the fireplace and burn the fireplace and the painting. The clown also self destructed. That was very weird.
im one of those cheap sims players who downloads the trainer to make money building houses is too much fun.
For me, the best thing about SIMS is to build the houses. Let the creative landscape and architectural artist in you come out!

The playing God mode (with regards to controlling your SIMS life) is second priority to me. Laughing
I love the designing and building aspect of the game too. I especially like to make new location lots.
Though I have to admit, I use cheats to get most of the SIM features without having to play for a looooooooont time. Embarassed

You have to admit, its hard to earn money there!
Sweet american life... yueauk! Brick wall
Sweet american life... yueauk! Brick wall Hate this game! It's don't have sense!
Sims rocks... i love to make a family with like 4/5 kids to start out and try to build a house and get them grown up without using any of the cheats lol Wink and then of course the parents have to have more kids at every chance possible lol Wink

i played TS1 before TS2 came out and never managed to get bored with that... do enough stupid crap on the game and it stays interesting lol Razz but the crappy part was the inability to age the characters... it was funny to make them have kids but then you'd be stuck with all these kids who don't do anything worthwhile Evil or Very Mad

TS2 rocks... i got to play that on a friend's compy til i got my own disk (which i unfortunately just lost in a move...) and it's fascinating Smile i don't particularly like the college expansion, but that's just me lol
I play the Sims 2 sometimes
I have all the sim1 expansions.. but i dont play on it anymore. It was good for a few months .. then then it got boring .. then i'd get an expantion n it was good again .. and then i got into btter games like halflife 2 and counter strike and stuff Very Happy

ohh n i also have the sims 2 ... of which yes... got boring too .lol
I have a tendency to get obsessed with something and that's what the Sims and Sims2 did to me. I play Sims for a couple of years and couldn't tear myself away. After awhile when you had tried everything, had several families and whatever, it got to be kind of boring.

Got Sims 2 when it came out AND I got some new stuff so it would run on my computer and got obsessed with it. I could sit there forever and play. Stayed up half the night! I had a family that had generations and generations of decendents and after awhile it got confusing as to who was who.

I haven't played for several months because I had to get back to real life.
The Sims, I used to play it six years ago.
It is very funny and real. I enjoyed it a lot.
awww..used to love this..great game
I enjoy making them suffer Twisted Evil
I used to play TS2 before my computer was able to run it (it's very old and sometimes acts up with games). Sims may appear not so clever, but it's way too addicting xP I especially like designing houses in there - so much fun! Very Happy
I get really addicted to any type of the Sim series whether it's The Sims or Sim City. I find I will play it for a good couple of months and then I really need to take a break from it.
Here's what I like about the game:

In The Sims 2 you now have direct control over your character. In previous versions of the game on the main consoles you moved the characters around in a similar manner as you would on the PC. That is to say you moved a cursor and clicked on where you wanted them to move to or on items you wanted them to interact with. The new direct control method allows you to move your Sim around from a third person perspective and it works quite nicely, although you'll want to switch to the more traditional method of control for certain functions. Other new additions have been made such as a new cooking system, which allows you to collect various food items as well as recipes that will enable your Sims to create their own meals. This new cooking system works surprisingly well and really ought to be implemented into the PC version at some point. During a conversation you can draw a portrait of the person you're having a conversation with, which can impress them as long as your Sim has good creativity skills. If you have an EyeToy camera you can even put your face in the game. No, not on a Sim but on a picture that can be hung on your Sims wall.

What I don't like:

Having played and enjoyed the PC version of The Sims 2, and its 2 expansions, it was expecting a lot for the console version of The Sims 2 to be as extensive in the amount of items and features it offered. In fact this PlayStation 2 version feels much lighter on content than the PC version of The Sims 2, even if you ignore the extra content that the first two expansions have added. A big disappointment for me was the rather poor character creation mode. Instead of having the benefit of the superb Sim creator tools that you have on the PC, you're stuck with a random Sim creator that can be very annoying. You're randomly given parents and from these a Sim is randomly created. This would be fine except you have no control over the process and it can take many attempts before you finally get a Sim you're happy with. You do get to change certain aspects of your characters appearance after this process but even so the options feel very limited.
I've enjoyed previous consoles versions of The Sims because of their focused story modes which have been something different from the PC games. The Sims Bustin' Out for example had a great story mode that was very enjoyable and made a great change from the open ended game play the series is famous for. The story mode in The Sims 2 though is rather weak and not very interesting. Several aspects of the game have been dumbed down too. Character relationships are far easier in this version of The Sims 2 than in the PC version. By the end of my first conversation with a member of the opposite sex I had married them, which is all the more remarkable when the conversation only took around 5 minutes. Quite a few of the items and locations in the game are initially locked (as with previous console versions) and it will take a great deal of time to unlock everything, which might irk some people.
Sometimes this game is boring ...


When you first left me I was wanting more
But you were doing that girl next door, what ja do that for
When you first left me I didn’t know what to say
I never been on my own that way, just sat by myself all day.
I first played the sims 1, thinking it was going to be silly and insanely difficult. But once I started, I got hooked immediately and became engrossed with it. Especially with the wide range of custom items and meshes that you could use. I soon found myself, re-creating all the final fantasy characters and creating replationships between them.

Now I have moved on to sims 2 in which I have created generations of characters, and my sim world has turned into a soap opera. Is it wrong that my sims have affairs all the time? lol. Anyway, I don't know when this addiction will end. But it certainly is exciting.
Personally the switch to The Sims 1 to The Sims 2 is those type of "I wish I switched sooner" kind of thing.

There is so much you can do in The Sims 2 than The Sims 1 without loosing its roots. I especially like how your child will grow up like the parents or not, depending how you nurture them. It is funny cause me and my girlfriend compare our children and see what they might look/act like o_O;

Concerning the amount of third-party items for The Sims 2:
I don't know if this is said yet, cause I'm too lazy to read through the pages, but The Sims 2 has been getting a lot of third-party support for customizeable items almost outweighing The Sims 1 volume of items.

As the speed they are going, it will prolly surpass the amount anytime soon.

I have been addicted to Sims1 in the past. But when it becomes boring, i import skins that make them look like those chars in my other fave games.

Then I would use the photoalbum and make a comic thing out of it using the fun cheats. Like moving the car into the backyard and simulating an accident scene. Then switching the places of the robber and the my char to make it look like the police is chasing him. Then click on the camera, then next scene. Makes me want to be a director. All because of the move_object cheat.

So it was fun, but I played D2 LOD more. So I skinned them up as swordsmen and demons. And since there were no pets, i made the companion skinned up like a demon pet. I also tried modding the items in the game to make them look like medieval era furniture. Then made a fortress type mansion complete with insignia banners, swords and some stuff I forgot. But it was too time consuming. And the photoalbum became too fat.

Those were the days...

But I wouldn't upgrade to sims2 since its juz not my genre.

Also regarding the Sims version for Symbian phones, I don't like it since it is too simplistic. You can't even move without achieving a task or operating an appliance.
Anyone played Sims: Bustin' out for ngage?? Really nice game. Allows you to play as a single customizable character. You can even move out of your house. 56 other characters to socialize with. Really interesting game. A must try.
I prefer TS2, I don't even like TS3...they kind of ruined the whole character making process
ponda wrote:
I prefer TS2, I don't even like TS3...they kind of ruined the whole character making process

how so?
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