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A good English song , I like it

I would intrduce an English song to you , its name is the day you went away . and I would show you the words of this song .
well i wonder could it be
when i was dreaming about you baby
you were dreaming of me
call me crazy
call me blind
to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time
did i lose my love to someone better
and does she love you like i do
i do, you know i really really do
well hey
so much i need to say
been lonely since the day
the day you went away
so sad but true
for me there's only you
been crying since the day
i remember date and time
september twenty second
sunday twenty five after nine
in the doorway with your case
no longer shouting at each other
there were tears on our faces
and we were letting go of something special
something we'll never have again
i know, i guess i really really know
why do we never know what we've got till it's gone
how could i carry on
cause i've been missing you so much i have to say

If you feel good , I would show you the URL of this song.
i think i will like it.
thanks to share it.
Heh nice song but I don´t really like songs about love...
But I guess when you´ll hear it, it will be quite a nice song =)

btw, Welcome to FriHost.
I think it is nice too.
Who sang it??
baiyunduoduo, when Bondings created Introductions Section, i believe it was ment for users introductions.

All other themes that have no specific section should be created on General Chat section. In here you won't get that many views, because most people don't come here except when they register.

Be Well Cool
I haven't heard that, a pity!
Topic moved to "Books, movies and music" forum.
what band id that by, as I listen to many radio new music shows, and have never heard that one before,
Even so it seems good.
Do you have a TAB sheet for it anywhere?
i think i know dis song.. M2M is the singer.. right? i heard dis for the first time 4-5 years ago Very Happy
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