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My New Site Layout... It sucks! Or does it...

Hi all, could you tell me what you think of this please?

Don't mind the green header thats just for Paddy's Day, it will go to blue after.
it acctuly think this one was really nice. It was simpel but also very cool and the users often like wehn the site is simpel but have many functions. But one thing i think you need to edit the header so it match with the rest of the site;) Nice work Smile
the colors arent matching your header. make the 'look' the same. it are now just colors who doesnt fit together.
ut the adversiment down. your main idear is, i hope, not making money and it does look stupid to me.
And the width is to big i have to scroll to the right. make something the width in %.

Further, of what is left, it looks ok Cool
Yeah. Nothing is more annoying than go to a side to help someone and all one looks at is advertisement/spam.
There are better ways to fill a test site!!!!

Meh. Use more borders, and make it so it fits on ALL SCREEN SIZES. Also, get rid of the ads. They look amatureish.
I agree with a lot of what people are saying. The user needs to expand their browser window or scroll sideways in order to view all your content. I would far rather it fit in a standard screen size like 800x600.
As for the header (the blue one), I think it is too big for the space. This problem is even more glaring on smaller screens as your header will take up like half of the screen. It doesn't have any navigation buttons on it either and its only useful function is to let people know where they are (which is extremely important, but because of its size, you have far less real estate to put content on the "top fold" portion.
The area below the header doesn't match and it looks too much like it was ripped off another site.
I wasn't able to understand what I could do on the site either or what the purpose was.

I think you have a good start, but could use to clean up the design and function.
Yes, a lot of work seems to be in this page. But you are not considering resolutions of 800x600 and the header could have half the height. Why 3 colums? 2 columns is almost always the best solution.
The blue bars aren't aligned from column to column (web is not the same as print material but the concepts of design still exist like trying to align text and bars from different columns).
That capability of easy switching between description-best deals-search is very cool.
The blue left-down image of doesn't sound well and seems to be not needed because the header should do the job of promoting your site, not other places. The image is also too big. It will be better to make a small logo and to put it preferably at the header or the footer.
Well, nothing more to say, so have a nice day!
the width is a bit long. The header is nice. The ad sorta gets in the way may i suggest Yahoo? Everything else though is fine...
{name here}
Looks nice. Just make the logo look integrated into the page. Make it fit into a 1024x768 space and center it since 1024x768 is the minimum res a person with a modern computer should have. I have 1152x864 display but make it accessible to 1024ers.
i like the layout, but i doesent, like the color diffrences from the banner and the rest of the page.. you should make the page a bit darker, or the banner with more light colours..

but i like'd the rest of the page.. personally i would make the page darker, except from the header
Hmmm... I like the simple layout actually, The header graphic might be just a little large top to bottom, though I do like it alot. I agree with what others are saying about the site being too wide though. I have a small screen on my laptop I'll admit but a fairly high resolution and I still have to scroll over to log in. The first two columns can be shrunk left to right without making the site seem crammed.
Quite frankly, it sucks. The header is nice but it spreads the page even at 1024 x 768 (I'm guessing this is the problem. I didn't actually look at the source). Also what's this site about? I think you put the cart before the horse here. Start with a good idea and then dress up that idea.
Get rid of the ads, make it load faster, and then it would be 9.5/10. Without that, about 7/10
EDIT: Well nothing at all stretches at 1280x1024... I don't know why. Also, I just noticed that it takes forever to get from page to page
The blue seems a bit boring and the logo needs a little work.
hmmmmm.....well...theres nothin special about it.....

leaving the header aside......the page is a basic form of ...phpbb maybe... well it looks as it...... Sad ....

the header on the other does suck.....and why is that so.....well because it has absolutely no combination....its like two different sides were mixed up or somthin....

itrs bin a long time since ur using the same header...first there was red...then green...and then blue again.....

maybe you should move on...leave old things nehind.....move with time !!!!!!!
Wow, after seeing your forums, I have to say that this is probably one of the worst-designed websites I've ever encountered.

Good job Smile.
Except for your the banner, everything is really simple. You might want to add more color and pizazz to your site. Laughing
Your website consists of various functions making it fully runnable. However it lacks the features of good usability. You might want to consider reading the laws of Human Computer Interaction. It is very important to consider them when designing an interface such as a website. All the best Smile
Once again, I agree with what people are saying.

I think the width of the containers is TOO big. I don't think you really need such a wide layout.

The organization is OK, but the random ads do make the site look, as somebody said, amateurish. You could put all of your links on one side with the content of your work on another side.

Another issue: the header. Do you really need a header that takes away from the attention of your content and distracts the readers of your page? Maybe make it smaller or shrink it.

The colors in the content and headers of the separate sections do not match your overall theme expressed in the header/title image. Stay constant with your colors, yet still incorporate some contrast.

Experiment with your containers. Add borders, change the colors around, the font sizes and colors, and just play around with it a bit more.

Not bad.
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