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What to do?

ok so this past week has been one of epic proportions for me. last week i started hanging out with this girl who's really beautiful and just easy to talk to. we hung out all weekend. and over that time we got real close, even though she had a boyfriend. come monday she ends up breaking up with him and things between me and her were getting really good.

Just like everything was going great. but then wednesday i get home and look at my im's i had gotten while i was away. come to read that she got back together with her boyfriend who is like the worse example of a boyfriend i've ever witnessed. he doesnt acknowledge her, doesnt care, doesnt' wanna talk to her, and he'll go without showering for days. needless to say it put me in a terrible mood. i felt as if someone ripped out my heart and jumped on it non stop. yesterday was real rough for me. but come the end of the night she texts me wanting to talk cuz her parents were driving her up a wall. i come to learn i was the first person she went to out of anyone. and like the song on her myspace is the one we said would be ours b/c it just fit perfectly with what had been ours. i thought she was putting it up there for him, but no it was for me. so thats when i started becoming really confused.

but she is too, like she doesn't know what to do. and like i dont know why shes with him, like what she sees, but i dont see much. its seems as if she still likes me but i dont know what i should do anymore. any advice?
The fact is that some girls like these "Bad Boys" if you know what i mean.
They might rough them up, still they like them.
It is more of one's personal desires i must say.
He need not do anything to keep her attracted at all.

You should try convincing her gradually that she certainly deserves someone better.
Lend her a shoulder to cry if she ever gets tormented by him again.

Hopefully she will soon realise that you care for her in the true sense.

Best of Luck Very Happy
Whatever you do, don't expect too much logic or coherance from a female, at least male logic or coherence. I'm sure the reverse is also true...
Sometimes girls feel to have pure friendship with a guy. It's not always necessary that between a girl and a guy only "Love" or "Sex" can happen. Even Friendship is a wonderful experience between a girl and guy.

So it would be great for the girl if you give her enough space to be understood, to be your friend only. Don't think much beyond friendship at the moment and you will see things coming your side, for sure.
If this girl is confused and changes her mind so much, how do you know that if she is with you eventually she changes her mind again. Make sure your willing to sacrifice your own feelings if she does change her mind. Be ready for anything, and you will be fine. My advice for the girl, is that you should forget about her. Women like to play with men. It makes things really interesting for them. They also like it when men fight for their attention. Women are attention HUNGRY! They love it. And when they have more than one guy fighting for it. They get what they want. They are animals. Watch out, they bite too
This is going to sound weird, but trust me, it happens. Girls will stay with guys out of habit sometimes*. Just because she's been with him for awhile. Chances are good that she might have thought she made the decision to break up with him too fast, and got back together because she freaked out a bit. Probably if you hang around for a bit she'll think about it more, and really start to compare which guy is treating her better. If she doesn't change her mind and it's been a few weeks (maybe not that long in your case) then you probably shouldn't expect her to.

* I know at least ten girls who have pretty much done this. They like the relationship more than the guy. Usually though they'll leave them after a bit if the guy doesn't improve and a better one comes along.
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