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Max OS X (10.4.5) - We Stole It, Suckers!


running on my Intel Prescott 3Ghz Smile

(top left corner: Petach Tiqwa is the city where I live, near Tel-Aviv)

XBench score:

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Lol, this was predicted a long time ago. Wink Who really cares?
Where's Dashboard? How long did it take to get it on there? cuz some friends and I tried it on a PC we built and couldn't quite get it. We got to the Mac boot screen then the OS would lock up and say we need to restart the computer.
hmm! there is a software can emulator MAC to run OSX in PC. if i;m not mistaken, it called DarWin. google it if u r interested~
Darwin is an open source version of Mac that apple made.

The OS i'm running is based on Darwin(a lot of drivers are stolen from there).
{name here}
pennykia wrote:
hmm! there is a software can emulator MAC to run OSX in PC. if i;m not mistaken, it called DarWin. google it if u r interested~

I also have Mac OSX running on my PC. I am not usaing any emulators either. It runs ok, but there is a big lack of drivers for my PC hardware.
PearPC is an open source project and Apple knows abt it. I have heard that OS X runs pretty slowly on intel pcs if installed using emulator which is pearpc.
No emulators here.
Don't talk about emulated MAC in this topic, please.

The 'stolen' Mac works great on my machine:

Intel Pentium 4 3GHz(2 CPU) (will OC to 3.4-3.5 soon Very Happy)
256x2 DDR
Built-In SoundMAX audio hardware.
MegaSpeed Radeon 9600XT 256mB 128mb

I have full support for everything.
I can watch movies, play games, listen to music etc etc

Anyway, if you have a simmilar machine, try Mac.
I think the best solution is a real Mac. You get total support. But I guess it's cool, nonetheless that you can run it on a PC...
i had it running but my screen had terrible resolution i coudn't read anyting
no color etc.
guess the graphics card wasn't compatible
it worked on the boot screen though
i might try it on this machine i have a NVIDIA card....
should work?

when it ran on the other machine also natively..
no new hard drive
just partitoined
The support is pretty bad for nVidia cards.

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a MacBook.

I've just wanted to try it on my PC first Razz
yeah it did suck after all the work and the graphics not work
i was irritated to say in the least
but, im going to buy a mac i just wanted to say i installed it on a PC

heck i even found a few HCL list and even links to buy everything cheap and have a mac for about 150-200$ not bad at all really if you ask me
hAHAAHAHHAA!! I AM RUNNIG MAC ON MY P4 2.4 Ghz.. and its running superb!

By the way, I use TIGER OS
Hows 10.5 I still have 10.3 and it runned very smoothly, anyways running natively is really good it also has a good speed to it
Helios wrote:
The support is pretty bad for nVidia cards.

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a MacBook.

I've just wanted to try it on my PC first Razz

so are you gonna tell us what you used??
yeah, what graphics card especially?
everything works exept that on here.... im willing to buy one for this and uninstall windows lol
I'm using a Radeon 9600XT 256mB.

I can't say how to patch it here in FriHost, will be against the ToS.
How do we know this is a legit image? I can take a ss of my Mac and link it here and you guys would think I was using it on a PC?
probably better to get a real mac... that way you know for sure that everything will run the way its meant to...
novisdesign, I'm not that kind of a person Razz
Plus, I don't even own a real Mac system :\
I'd like to buy an iBook, though Smile

d722002, I agree with you. It is better to buy a Macintosh, and you should do it!
Maybe not a whole system, but an iBook for example?

It's nice to setup it on your PC, just for the challange.
Just figured Id Update.

Running OSX 10.4.9 on my Desktop. SPecs are 2 GB PC3200 RAM, nVidia 7900 GT PCI-E, AMD Athlon x2 4600+, 4 320GB SATA 3.0 Drives.

I am running it natively with QE/CI support and full driver support for all system devices. Runs great.

Also running OSX 10.4.8 on a system with a p4 2.4GHZ w/HT, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB ATA Hdd, and an nVidia 5200 AGP.

Got it on a few laptops too. One is a compaq with a 1.4 Pentium M processor, one is an IBM thinkpad with a 650 MHZ p3 processor, and is... i dont even know anymore. They are all running 10.4.8

Then there is my oh so awesome MacBook running 10.4.10.
Sounds pretty sweet. How does performance compare to a native mac?
I some aspects, I get the same performance that I do on a native mac. In other ways, I get a little less performance, but not too bad.

All in all it runs as well on th PC as it does on a native mac.
Studio Madcrow
If you carefully choose Mac-compatible hardware, you can build the equivalent of a Mac Pro for about 1/2 to 2/3 the price...
It wouldnt be worth it though.

Unless you have an EFI-based motherboard, you will never get the same performance out of the machine. OSX isn't designed to run on out-dated BIOS technology.
Unless you get the code and compile it for you own machine! would that make it run faster?
huh huh huh..... dnt tell me u had doubts.... but then UI Of linux and all.... chee.... i heard linux stole 255 patents of microsoft.... shame shame.......
I don't think recompiling it will be possible, or that it'll have many benefits...
I am running 10.8 on a pc right now.

check it out

It is a pentium D 915 oc'd with 1 gig of ram and a nvidia 7300GT
I'm running the latest tiger on my PC now... pretty stable and fast.
I have 2 hard drives. One has XP the other OS X.
and i have a dual boot so i can select the OS I want to run.
The only reason OSX runs on PC's is because the Darwin kernel is rewritten to work with BIOS. So technically, it has already been recompiled. Still, EFI is much more advanced than BIOS, so no matter what, EFI will run better.

And as far as linux stealing from MS, that is true. Linux is trying tmore and more to look like windows so people are more likely to switch. However, MS's Vista stole 85% os its GUI/features from OSX 10.4.

That is lame.

However, OSX 10.5 makes vista look like windows 3.1
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