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Indian Idol – A Singing competition in India

Indian Idol – A Singing competition in India

It seems people of India do not know the meaning of word “Indian Idol”, and that’s why they are voting out those talented singers from the contest. Let me tell them the meaning of “Indian Idol”. “Idol” means someone best in his/her particular profession and the word “Indian” directs towards the community from which this “Idol” will arise, by them and for them. Now what’s happening in Indian Idol contest is that Idols are being voted out like Monali, Antra and now Amay. These talented singers, whom we consider on the level of an Idol, have been voted out where as Sandip, Anuj are voted in whom we can not accept as an Idol. Of course they sing well, but not enough to be called an Idol. Idol is one who is best in the profession, so in singing we can call him/her an Idol who is best in singing.

The format of Indian Idol is such that fate of talented singers totally depends on the Indian voters. Now as every Indian voter is not that good at understanding signing skills and talent, they vote mostly for the physical performance which is full of dance steps, smiling face but with least singing quality. So far, it’s been seen that most votes have gone in the pocket of one who performs well regardless of singing quality. Can we call this as a competition for search of an Idol where only Idols are voted out?

Judges of Indian Idol contest like Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik, Farah Khan are on the top on their own profession. Like Sonu is someone whom I would consider a maestro and legend among Indian singers so far. He can sing in almost every tone and with every emotion, let it be of happiness or sadness. He can sing “Rang De Basanti Chola…” in the movie “Bhagat Singh (Starring Ajay Devgan)” as well he can sing “Satrangi Re” in the movie “Dil Se” where as Anu Malik, not an Idol musician (with comparison to all those maestro Indian musicians) but yet giving the finest music to India, is too full of rage with the format of Indian Idol contest. Farah Khan who is a choreographer and a film director in profession, who mostly puts weight on the performance along with singing, she too was unhappy with the exit of Amay. As we know that as they heard the result that Amay is voted out, three of these talented judges simply left their chair saying that they can no more go ahead with this contest (they meant the format of contest).

Now, when such talented judges are unhappy with the format of Indian Idol, don’t you think there should a change come in it? The Indian Idol contest is produced to find a hidden talent, an Idol from India, but the scenario is totally opposite that Idols are voted out from the contest; hence we can say that only “Indians” are left in the contest not “Idol” except talented Karunya. I am afraid that even Karunya will be voted out, and then Anuj, and Sandip will win the contest with his mere smiling face, and not with singing at which he simply copied the voice of Udit Narayan so far.

Now there is no charm in watching Indian Idol contest, as it seems like competition is between mere singers only and not between Idols. According to me, it would have been heartbreaking finals if finalists were Amay, Karunya, Monali and Antra, but allas! three of them have been voted out and Karunya’s fate is now on the hands of Indian (talented?) voters.

Don’t you think that it’s time for judges now to choose whether they should continue with Indian Idol if the format of the contest remains same? Now the time has come for Indian Idol contest organizers to decide whether they are really on hunt of “Idol” or just any “Indian” singer.

Let’s see what we have yet to learn from this contest which is losing its meaning.

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