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How to devlope own games?

Dear sir/madam
I want to know how these games are developed and by which software we can devlope them.Or is there any language in which we devlope the games. I wnat to know exactly ,how these games are devloped,What is the platform to devlope them.
hhhm, everyone wants to know, one simple answer;

you have to take a course on it, there is just too much information for a company to give you so you can learn it. Some games allow you to download tools, in which they allow you to edit the skins of characters or edit maps.
do you know how i can take one of these courses, and at what age? because i am probably too young
Klaw 2
You can make little games with "gamemaker", but the real big games, for that you need an whole team to make one.
or if you're for real

learn the following:

and other assorted languages...

and i agree with the above. courses are usually better for learning, because books can be a pain in the arse when they say stuff like "I'm too lazy to right the graphics engine, but you know how to do that." it blows. so, learn the languages, and program right.
I reckonmend using game maker ( You are able to make computer games with no coding required. You can make ones similar to the web-ones that you have to download like Luxor and Lemonade Tycoon.

You can use gamemaker for free or pay 15 euro and get the regestered version which removes a banner while the game is loading and gives you access to more features.
if you make a game with gamemaker, you'll be just one of those who makes games which is only played by them. Very Happy
but if you wanna make a real game, learn c++ first, then learn either openGL or directx. i'm learning openGL now.
I must agree. Game Maker is good for beginners but it can't do much. C++ is, in my opinion, the best language to know to make games.
There is some easier ways to do it like someone already told you. With gamemaker ( and then there is clickteams products like The Games Factory, Click & Create, Klik & Play, Multimedia Fusion Express, Jamagic and so on. And then there is Dark Basic and 3D Game Maker or what it was called that I havn't testet myself but I guess they are good for beginners.

But C++ is so much better than all of those programs. So my advise is that you should try to learn to use C++ and some month I guess you could write your own game Smile
A free compiler that i recommend is Dev-C++ (
You seem to be a beginner. To create professional standard games, you could learn C++, OpenGL, ..... as said before. Also, to create a higher level game, you will need a game engine. You could create one on your own, but you will need to go a long way before you can do that. So, for you, I suggest, you go for an existing game engine. There are a lot of free opensource engines with excellent physics available out there.

To begin with, you could do some simple 2D games. For this, you could try game-maker, or some others like game-editor or pygame(python libraries).

You could take extensive University-Approved courses extensively targeted at Game Development, if you want to get really serious. Most of these universities accept students who have completed XII. You can also take courses on different programming languages.
These courses are offered at Vocation Schools or your local College. You do have to have a high school diploma or equivalent or you can go for private courses with a private instructor. And trust me it's better for a beginner to start off with a tutor since your probably wont know anything and wont understand anything.
If you want to develop small games, Macromedia Flash is the way to go. Actionscript is such a potential language, I still don't understand why people think of it as so 'small' all the time.
by far the easiest program to learn is macromedias flash. with sites like, tutorials are only a mouse click away. there is even a section dedicated to game making using actionscript.

but if you want to make better games, c++ in a necesity.

you can also search google for some free programs.
If you plan on amking a game alone, then gamemaker and C++ are the way to go, but if you intend to make games professionally, then you need to be a little bit more specific.

Most people in the world of game production are not capable of doing everthing. Games are made through the hard work of Artists, Designers, Coders, and an army of marketers and managers.

A lot of people will tell you that programming is the only way to get into games. They are wrong. Yes, an intensive C++ programming course offered at your local college will begin to prepare you for a job in gaming, but you will also need to learn from a specialized institution how to create rendering engines and editors.

Many people get into games by becoming artists. From concept artist that create 2d works to character animators, there are a lot of art positions in game development. Go download Maya PLE (just Google it and you will find it) and follow its tutorials. You will also need a copy of the GIMP or Abobe Photoshop. GIMP is a free art progam, but is buggy as sin; Photoshop is going to run you into money.

Designers are also common in the gaming world, but it is also the hardest job to get. If you want to get into design, then you need to pick up Unreal Tournament, Half-life 2, or Doom 3/Quake 4, and get craking making levels. If you really want to wow people, then you need to make these levels with custom models and textures and with scripted events.

Getting into games is some tough stuff, so you will have your work cut out for you. If you want to just make fun little hobby games. Go to PopCap and download their engine. It will work fine.
What exactly do you want to accomplish? Knowing C++ and OpenGL will get you decently far, but the game will probably look ugly if you're going for a certain genre. If you want to have good looking characters and environments, learn maya or any other 3d package if you can afford them (some are free). Export them and parse them into your game and use them there. Furthermore, knowing how to code in gl and C++ won't get you much in interactivity. For example, if you wanted to click on a 3D scene with a mouse on a 2D plane, how do you get that position? Or how do you tell if a sword hits the opponent? The first example is quite easy. However collision detection is a huge problem. You need to be decent with mathematics and data structures if you want your collision detection to be fast.

So in other words, you have to know a lot more than C++ and OpenGL to achieve many necessities in games if you're going out to program them yourself.
Yah, there's a bunch of things you need to look at before making a game. You have to have the programming knowledge, the money, the team, the resources, and more.
Well, obviously, he isn't gonna go make doom 3 or something by himself. It's feasible for one person to make a tiny decent game.
Well, I use Gamemaker.I think its the easiest software to use but once you get to know the language you can advance into C++ or maybe java.The easiest game to make takes about 5 minutes in gamemaker but may take 1 hour or more in other languages.

The quality of the games made in Gamemaker are also very good.
You can see some quality games made with Gamemaker at:
Take a looks here:
Once again, these are all good ideas.

You do not have to attend college, however. Not if you're good at teaching yourself, that is. I would suggest getting some books on programming. C++, Java and VB are all good for game programming. And I don't want to hear any of that "VB is for beginners" stuff either. VB is a lot more versatile than most people think. I thought the same way in the beginning. I didn't even want to take VB in college ...... but then I learned a few things Wink

If you want to make a good 2d MMORPG I suggest using Player Worlds. Completely free, easy to use, and very customizable once you get the hang of it. The community and support forums are great and you can usually find help with what you're looking for.
Now wait a minute. It's all very neat what you people are listing here, but the main thing you need to make a game is a lot of time and patience. Generally speaking: if it's not your job, it's not worth it. It's not like you can program a game in a day and get famous or anything.
if you want my advice start with game editing its fairlly easyheres a mod i was working on for gta vice city

as you may of guessed from the pics i am from australia
start with coding~~~
then start to build small games such as flash games and go all the way up
and if you really want to develope a really good game just you is not enough
You can find alot of information about game developing here:
i believe you can create text-based online games using PHP !!
I higly recommend that you use PHP designer ! Its free and easy to use !!
Anyway Good luck !!
garionw wrote:
I reckonmend using game maker ( You are able to make computer games with no coding required. You can make ones similar to the web-ones that you have to download like Luxor and Lemonade Tycoon.

You can use gamemaker for free or pay 15 euro and get the regestered version which removes a banner while the game is loading and gives you access to more features.

Gamemaker is brilliant to develop your own games because you can make 3D isometric games, as well as 2D platform games, and any other kind of game really.

It also offers the ability to save your games as standalone files, so people can download them and play them without having to own the software. For examples of some good Game maker games, go to either

They have loads of homemade games, all of which you can download and try.
thanks rybakfanfiction!
william wrote:
C++ is, in my opinion, the best language to know to make games.

C++ is good... but C# is better Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Any of the C languages are very good, but darkbasic can make games that easily rival C with a lot less code (to put in perspective, C takes over a thousand lines to get a spinning cube on the screen. darkbasic takes 3). and for 2d rpgs, try rpg toolkit (
As a professional game designer, I should like to say that most console games are developed in C++. But, there are increasing numbers of games written in OpenGL and Java. If you want to start programming, get a book on beginning C++. It helps a lot.
you can use a software called RPG maker you can make 2d rpg games using this software and its very easy to use.
Several Technologies will be used in developing a game.

The following are some of the synopsis -

-> One good programming robust / powerful Object Oriented Language.
-> Powerful OS which supports graphics (depends on the game requirements)
-> Analysts to code the Game.
-> Character Designers (Good Animators who can work in Multimedia Character animation software like 3d Studio Max)
-> Good Technical writers to Document the things technically.
-> Excellent Testers to find a loop hole.
And finally,
High End Graphic supported hardware configured machines to Render graphics fastly and reliably.

The Game will be released for a Beta version initially. Fixes will be made during the Beta Testing process. After the Beta version is signed-off, the Game will be officially released successfully.

Thanks & Regards
Visit me @ :
If you want to make old school RPG's do a search on Rpgmaker. Fun and easy to make games if you read the manual.
If you are interested in getting some practice with 3d moddelling you could do a lot worse than sign up for the years free trial of Second Life (
Its nit exactly a game development sweet but it is a great place to work on your concepts and meet other designers to swap ideas with.
I use gamemaker. It's quite good game making tool based on C++ language. You can expand it with scripts and dll-s. Lots of it you can find on forums and gamemaker support sites.
If you consider to make Internet games, use macromedia flash or something like that...
You may also need a 3D program (advanced) like Gmax (free), 3dsmax, Maya etc.
Yeah game maker is for beginners, but if you create a dll for it you could create cool mmorpgs like i'm creating.
check out Game Maker I think it would be a good start for anybody Wink
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