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give me your opinion on the movie please...
A typical and predictable love action love story. Wink
But it is quite nice to watch if you got nothing to do, and want to watch babe and hunk. Razz
Not bad at all, was pretty entertaining.

Angie looks awsome as usual and Brad Pitt is, well Brad Pitt.
well if its like this then... im going to see this movie!
Yup it's pretty funny. Plus it doesn't matter what gender you are, you get a very hot star to look at during the entire movie.
just watch it this weekend and I will watch it again. The movie itself is very entertaining and funny. I love every minute of the movie - from the beginning to end. Brad Pitt is hot and Angelina is pretty. They are so cute acting as husband and wife. I recommend it.
how can this movie be categorised as a gud one.
i guess its because we haven't had a gud release in a long time.
there is no suspence. there can't be more predictable plot
funny???? typical hollywood style ... Brick wall
and i would hv expected jolie to look sexier...
It was an ok movie but it seemed to be too unrealistic for my liking, although the presence of Angelina Jolie sort of pumped up the movie in my books
i think jolie was the only reason that i watched the complete movie, hoping to see her in a better getup....
Brad Pitt and Jolie are perfect couple.But the story is too much of action scenes and how can they survive?
I Have that to see...

Must Be Veryyyyyyyyyy Good!

Very Happy
oh yeah!!, thnx for informing me that u sill hv to watch it.
wht the heck....
wht is this post doing here
u posted just to say that u still hv to watch this movie
as if i everybody on the forum is waiting for u to see it and give ur precious comments......
I am not really a Brad Pitt fan, although I do think he did a pretty good job in Troy. But I just do not wan't to see this movie. Smith is an all too common name and you can see about 50 people on the streets with that last name. Personally, I do not picture secret agents as having a common name. You always expect them to be one letter words.
Pleeeease. This movie didn't even make it onto my top 500 list (and believe me - there's some pretty awful stuff on that chart). The actings terrible (as much as it can be called acting) and the ONLY good thing is the hot and good looks of two cuties Wink But well. That's the reason for it's creation Very Happy
xalophus wrote:
oh yeah!!, thnx for informing me that u sill hv to watch it.
wht the heck....
wht is this post doing here
u posted just to say that u still hv to watch this movie
as if i everybody on the forum is waiting for u to see it and give ur precious comments......

look, i asked for opinions about the movie!
if i should see it or not!
i saw the movie and i loved every sec of it! but i would expect more from angie...
Its quite fun just that the approach should be more "comedy / suspense like ", its predicable in this case..
My friend told me this was a good movie so I decided to go
and watch it. I nearly killed him the next day.
It wasn't a GREAT movie at all.
All we saw was brad and angelina make out and
beat the crap out of each other.
I thought that the movie was overly
advertised as well.
Anywayz, I thought the movie wasn't as good as it could have been.
good action movie...coz im are jolie fans.Very Happy
and i think she's have a good act in this movie..
trufully i reckon the movie sucked
i watched this movie aobut 4 was nice......i am going to watch again,,,,,,,, Laughing
omg i want to see that movie has ne one seen it yet?
very disappointing movie. I think the producers thought that using two very popular actors would be enuf to get ppl to the boxoffice. From some of the posts here, and from personal experience, i think that did the trick. I think there have been many like it b4, some are just down right terrible. What a waste of talent as well. I think both actors are pretty good ones in general, but their performance in here does not portray that. 9 times out of ten a good idea is ruined by bad direction or story. From what I hear, the tv series was much more enjoyable. Another disappointment for me was Oceans 12, also a star studded cast but poor movie. They should have left it at Ocean 11, which was a remake of a cllassic. But maybe that can be discussed in another topic for that movie.
jsalie, I totally agree with your statements about mr. and mrs. smith. The biggest let down for me was the poor acting. However, I thought Ocean's Twelve was quite comparable to 11. The acting, plot, and suspense kept me interested all the way through the movie 3 times. I also really liked the soundtrack for ocean's 12. does anyone know who composed it?
hey tony, I definitely agree that Oceans 12 was better then Mr and Mrs Smith, however I think after seeing Oceans 11, my expectations were a bit high. As usual, this is a written rule, sequels hardly outperform the original movie. I'm sure there are probably some exceptions, but in this case, I have to say it doesn't. PS: I also rather enjoyed the soundtrack. Lemme know if you get info on that. Just out of interest, if you enjoyed Oceans 11/12, from the 'con' artist perspective, check out "Confidence". Just saw it recently and I must say it was rather enjoyable. In the same class as Oceans 11, I think..
OK, so the acting is pretty one-dimensional, the story line couldn't hold a teaspoon of water if it tried, and the action scenes are geared towards the X-Box generation, but who cares?

I thought it was a great movie - I'm buying it when it hits DVD, and here's the reason: it's one of those "park your brain at the door" movies, there's plenty of "eye candy" to watch (nothing like watching Angelina Jolie!) and even though the dialog was pretty lame, it seemed to me that Pitt and Jolie had some good reparte going throughout the film.

It's just one of those movies you can't take seriously...
I actualy enjoyed Mr. & Mrs Smith, 3.5 out of 5 for me. Very Happy
didn't really think much of this movie
Didn't see yet,i am a Jolie fun,must be great!
Well it was awesome but thats my opinion. Lots of action.
I Saw this movie....

Is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery gooog!!!

Angelina Julie is the BEST!!!

Very Happy

Very Happy

Very Happy
memza wrote:
trufully i reckon the movie sucked

The movie was not that bad. I liked the action and of course everyone loved seeing Angelina Julie.
For what it is, this is a great summer action flick with heart. Charming, cheeky, and poking fun at itself, the movie also actually follows an underlying plot line that questions modern male/female, wife/husband, and female/society issues, and it handles everything in a light but touching way that includes lots of butt-kicking and big-hearted ego.

We see Jane Smith chafe at the bit of male assumptions of female strength and capability, and John struggle to prove he's not an idiot and can be counted on to do something right (for once). Domestic bliss gets a twentieth century wake-up call as an independent woman struggles to be the perfect wife while really wanting to prove she can also be the perfect husband. We get to see a husband and wife really kick each other's butts (which, realistically, most partners aren't legally or physically capable of doing) and learn some hard lessons about themselves and each other by the time everything is over. For something people in long term relationships can't do, it sure is fun to watch. Smile

A fun cast (Vince Vaughn is the bomb as always), some unrealistic details (don't look too closely at the ending or it'll break), and some bad mumbling on Brad Pitt's part. They could have given more depth to Angelina's character - they sum her up as a Type A, bitchy, anal-retentive personality, which conflicts unreasonably with the woman John Smith fell in love with in the first place.

Good summer fun, and, you get to bring your kids cuz, sadly, they cut out the steamy stuff. Maybe the DVD will add it back in ...
a deja-vue film it seemed to me. Well done but nothing really original in it, which gives a bad feeling while watching.
nice film Wink
i love this movie...hehehe its some kinda funny...with action and romance...of the two secret agents Very Happy thrilling movie
Yeah mr and mrs smith is really good. I cant get that theme tune outta my head
Nice movie but...m not the best
angelina ist just too sexy, so it cant be said that movie is bad Razz
it's a good movie and i hive nicy memory's about it becuse i watched with my girlfriend on my second date Smile
I know that it is very good but is it a love story or an action film because I did not see it and i would like to know a little about it.
i will try to see it this weekend and i feel that iut is gonna be cool Surprised Very Happy
I saw the movie it is really great. I have some songs from the soundtrack as well.
its a good movie, a cute topic and nice plot, actually i find the producer creatice in creating a story such as this, yeah, its kinda normal story, butnot so normal, especially when we're talking bout secret jobs, offices and gadgets and such. i find it cool.
Been tryin' to see it for ages .. wasn't as good as I hoped though. I think massive 'shoot-outs' with 1 or 2 people against a squad of (assumably) well-trained soldiers with the soldiers being totally annihilated and the hero(es) getting through unscathed is getting a bit old.
I thought the movie was great it really good and it would have been much better if the numbskulled teens sitting in front of me and my friend shrieked their heads of whenever that guy whats his name, will smith was it, yeah anyway appeared on the sreen, it was so frikin annoying i was likeSHUT UP YOU F*C*ING IDIOTSahhhhhh they were shrieking in this high pitched fashion that hurt you ears and there were 5 of them, why can't ppl like that get a life....helloo people are trying to concentrate here so SHUT UP
i dint not think it was that special to be honest i thought it was confusing
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