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what music do you listen to?

what music do you listen to?
I listen to a lot of different stuff, but mostly rock. New and classic, though I prefre classic. I'm a big fan of Skynyrd, Floyd, The Who, Billy Joel, Kansas, the Eagles, and others. I like Guns N Roses a lot, as well as Tool, System, and Carbon Leaf. I know, I have a different taste. I'd have to say my favorite band of all time would have to be Soundgarden though. Great band.
I'd like to say I like a wide range of music, but I really like rock and basically everything under rock. Pop is pretty awesome as well.
Its all bout Rythm and blues. Ray Charles
Catastrophic Fairy
I'm very bi-musical. :3 I'll listen to anything but rap, though with my mother being a country fanatic, that's normally what I get to hear. Razz Yeehaw! :3
Ill listent anything if i like it.
But i mostly break down to Hip hop and rap music. Very Happy
I WILL listen to anything with one exception and that is Beach Music. I am not sure where everyone here is from but I will elaborate.

The Platters, The Drifters. It is basically garbage for middle aged white people, one of which I realize I will be one day, so they can go to clubs here in America that usually have a name like "Reds" and perform this abhorent dance called Shagging. It sucks.
I'm not so into guitar-led music, although I will make an exception for the really good stuff like AC/DC. I mostly listen to:

1. Modern electronic stuff. You can't beat a good bit of House music to make the day better.

2. Seventies soul and funk. Stuff that people like Gil Scott Heron and the Meters did will never be bettered.

3. Cheese. Rock opera and 1960's Hammond organ workouts being particular favourites.

I try and be open minded but there are a few things I just don't get, especially the Beatles and Nirvana. What were they all about then?[/list]
Gothic Rock (Within Temptation) Evil or Very Mad
REM Exclamation
Linkin Park Twisted Evil
Green Day Cool

Someone hear any of those? Question
Very Happy
i listen to heavy metel and rock.. the worst kind of music is stuff like pop - arrgh.. i dont see why anyone likes to listen to it.

i listen to most kinds of metal
powermetal, speedmetal, melodeath, hairmetal, british metal and more..
1-50 Cent
3-The Game
6-Dj Akman
Yeah, pop sucks!!
I listen to mostly anything my mood is set to. from old style country to the new style trance and electronica. even classical music has a way of making it into my stereo. It's all about which mood I'm in, and my universability makes me able to listen to whatever there is.

although I most of the time listen to rock-based material like Yellowcard, Linkin Park, Fall out boy, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish, green day, millencolin and the likes of it, my choice can fall upon basically anything there is. unless it's made up of fart noises and such. I never liked the comedy songs, but that's just me.
That is good!!!!
I loved Linkin Park, but now I rarely listen to it... These days I like a lot REM. Is a really relaxing music.
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Very Happy

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