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Interview Tips:E-Mailing Your Resume...

Hi, Tips below is provided by Pongo Resume. This post might be to long to read but I found the tips given by them is very useful for your interview. Any of you interested please browse to their web site.

In today's competitive job market, having your resume in electronic format is a crucial step in achieving the perfect position.

E-mail Your Resume Directly from Our Website
Use our E-mail Feature to send your resume directly from your Pongo Resume account. Your resume will look great and be delivered (almost instantaneously!) in a professional format.

Employer-Preferred E-mail Resume Submission
Send your resume in e-mail-friendly; employer-preferred text or HTML formats. Our HTML e-mail formats are identical in design to our print formats, but converted for the web. If desired, you can also send the HTML resume format as an attachment to an e-mail. This method will allow employers to electronically import your resume into their database for easy access and future retrieval (Did you know that the majority of companies keep resumes on file, electronically?) while still having an HTML, printable, version available.

I'm glad I found your site. I created my resume & e-mailed it the same day to a company. The next day I got the job. Thank You for your services!
Kimberly L.

Your service was fantastic! I no sooner e-mailed the resume that I constructed using your service then I received an immediate "hit". The hit enabled me to be granted an interview with a very prestigious company in the area. In fact, I have a follow-up interview this coming Monday... And, if hired I should be receiving a (significant) salary. Thank you for being there when I needed you and yes I will recommend your great resume service. Once again, thank you!
Adam W.

Thanks to the help I received and my ability to easily fax and e-mail my resume I have the job of my dreams now!
Ilene P.

Your service made it very simple to update ones resume. I had it done in a short period of time. I e-mailed about 25 copies and hand delivered 10. I received several calls and have accepted a new position. It took less than 3 weeks. Thanks a lot.
Dennis C.

What You Don't Know About E-mailing Can Cost You!
Copying your resume into a standard e-mail client (i.e. Microsoft Outlook; AOL) may create hidden formatting; visible only to the recipient. Why risk the chance that a potential employer could receive an unreadable or unprofessional-looking resume?

If you send your resume as an attachment from an e-mail client, the file type may be difficult for a potential employer to open. Our e-mail function allows you to send your resume quickly, easily, with no risk of viruses, in a format accepted by most companies and organizations.

Our Total E-mail Solution!
Distribute your resume directly from our web site. We ensure that it will arrive safely and look as great as it does on your screen. We'll even send you a confirmation of receipt so you'll never have to guess whether your resume reached its destination.

Happy E-mailing!
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