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Demonic-RO is a custom version of Ragnarok Online created by me and Dark Takeshi. It is a free service and we are always looking for new players. If you are interested, please visit our site:

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accually the ro.. is a demonic type of MMOPRPG...'
i once became a slave of the game... spend allmost all my allowence on the stupid game...
but thank to those free lance coder... yare... freya.. altena.. tha game became free to all... but
WARNING: very easy to get addicted...

well free server is good but one thing..... does it server always on with the highest bandwith??.....(NO LAG??)

well here are some good RO emu server... hikayu.... try to search in google.. u might find it.. try other people sever.... to gain and build a more stable server... my word!!
I know what it is. I meanbt we host a private server for ragnarok. and...the server technology is based off of athena, but with our own coding in it for stability and features. We have a high bandwidth, so dont worry about that. I'm just looking for more people to join. Need the popularity.
vaoger wrote:
accually the ro.. is a demonic type of MMOPRPG...'
i once became a slave of the game...

oh I know what your on about I have become a slave and been free from that game continously for the last 3 years, it pulls you in, lets you go and grabs you for some more. I played IRO for 6 months and loved it getting some pretty high level chars. Then I started playing constant private servers, I was a GM on one server for like a year an a half constanly having like 100 members online on our servers loved it. I even started playing again on IRO end of 2005. I will be back on it again some time this year no doubt there.

Thanks for the link to that server I have kro etc so I might check it out.
Considering the legality issues of private servers and the fact that other forums usually don't let them...
Private servers are illegal, so please don't post it here? Scripting some things yourself does not make you an owner of the game. This forum is supposed to be a 100% legal site ya know?
well the private server is an ilegal topic in most of the forum ... coz those topic will sure being "CHECK" by gravi** ( the owner of R******* Online)
acually 98% of the topic that had being "discover" by them with force the forum to shut down... due to some short information show that.. the only proof or or evidence is the one who ( stole the registered picture as banner, sign or even avatar... or some one who had miss use the copy of the game...R/f : the T&C of the game...) other than that ... only the one who open the private server will had to close their server... ( 5 of my friend server had being force to shut .. due to the problem that the G guy for the server provide to stop the act of my friend or action of law will taken...... DANGEROUS pal...

just take care!! pray to god that The G guy dont know the "DEMON" exist...
ha ha ha.. *cough*
I suggest you use eAthena Forums if you want to advertise your server, cause like the guy above me said, yeah Gravity will be on you.
I'm sure you say that, but it is not entirely true.

The only thing that I am doing "illegal" would be using Gravity sprites.

I am not using their server technology, I am using my own. I am not using their source code, I am using custom work.

Also, I did make alot of my game. I coded alot of it, and most of the sprites that I'm implementing we're made by me. They are not stolen.

So I'm sure that they could get me for using they're sprites, but once my new version comes out, legalities wont be an issue.

I use my own personnal team of programmers for my game and server technology.

And they're aree many private servers much more popular than mine, and Gravity doesn't say anything about them. Nor do they even know or care about most of the ones that are around. The servers that Gravity watches out for are those using the Aegis technology.

Aegis was written by Gravity and is used by Gravity in Ragnarok Online, R.O.S.E. Online, and the new Ragnarok 2. Aegis is illegal and cannot be used in any sort of private game or MMORPG without the permission of Gravity.

And now the the latest version of Ageis has been leaked, Gravity will be more concerned with that than anything else in the matter of servers.

But thanks for the concern anyway. But I assure ou that I am taking everything into consideration for this project. You are more than welcome to try the new version when it is released.
ya u got the point.....

acually there is around 1248 ro private server.....(2004) and the number still growing...
55% are use yare technologies...(nowaday call Freya.....)
25% are using agies technologies....
20% are using altena technologies which had many name... n version..
the rest are the mix breed of the those three server....

altena server get alot of attention from user who want to make it onw server... this is becoz... the coding method are more easy compare to yare and agies... and the installation of altena wont that more that 45 minute...( including final coding.. exp edit... sprite edit(style).. userdata base..)
yare is much complex coz it wont link togather unless u link it...
agies is the best of all..(2004) the server is much stable and it wont coz the com to crush becoz of the unstable server....

but nowaday.. alot of prototype had out and its all base on the altena souce code.... even the yare(freya) follow....
G Guy dont mind the growth of the pserver... unless the found it treatening their status or they the base of the server.... your house... hehehe..

well nothing to fear of acually... the fine should be something like this...
cyber crime....
jail..3 to 5 yrs... depend on the country law...
fine.. 2000++ or the demanded < 30000

but the technologies do help u... be a smart guy ... use ip mask k??
GOOD LUCK dark Akira....
Send my regrard to Dark Dragon... long time no see...

Demonic-RO will soon be back up and running.

We have been working on a new client and server technology. We are soon going to be removing lmost all of Gravity's sprites and replacing thm with our own classes and items.
Ghost Rider103
Sounds interesting, I will check it out when get some free time.
Currently site is under construction, but shuld be up within the next week.
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