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oob video - The world is your audience...

UPDATE:(july 14th)- See my latest post about the new my oob feature.

UPDATE:(july 1st) - See my latest post for new of the oob video v2 launch!

Hey, were still in development at the moment. Im just adding it here to get soem first impressions from people. There are only a hand full of videos currently in our archive, although we have several hundred in a list ready to be added, this list is doubling all the time!

You can't create a user account just yet, its still closed beta stage. Although once i open up for new accounts you can comment on any of the videos, you can bookmark them in your favourites list. You can get rss feeds of your favourites lists, and those of your friends. You have a profile where you can put some details about yourself also.

Basically we take videos from google video that we think are of high quality and that everyone would enjoy, and we add the extra functionality that most people would want, comments/favourites. Plus we'll be adding more and more features all the time. We have several currently in the works at the moment. We may also add support for other sites, such as youtube, although we're holding off on them the now as it seems to be very slow at loading the videos and we only want quality on our site!

The music section will soon have a wide range of music videos to cover all tastes.

Its not fully ready for everyone as we're still adding videos to the database but i just wanted to throw it out there and get some feedback.

Note:No copyright laws are being broken, or any frihost tos. We do not host the videos, google do, and they allow you to feature them on your own site, we just do it in mass Smile.

Nice idea!

I don't really like the design, though.
Looks pretty 'plain'.

Hey, is a free domain?
Helios wrote:
Nice idea!

I don't really like the design, though.
Looks pretty 'plain'.

Hey, is a free domain?

hey thanks, it was delibrately kept plain. I wanted it to be simple and easy to use.

and yes it is a free domain Smile head over to there are thousands free to use there! Great service.

Thanks again for checking us out!
I would like to announce that we are now OPEN FOR BUISNESS!

You can sign up for your user accounts now and get full access to all the features.

Get the username you want before anyone else graps it!

See you around!


Love your website, it's what i've been using to learn how to build websites. Just a suggestion, to the featured feed you should add a <description> tag underneath the <title> tag to describe your website and also <pubDate> tags in the <item> tags
Jamatu, glad you like it. I took your advice and added the tags, THANKS! You should sign up and add me as a friend, means you can comment and stuff on the videos too.
Really nice, for some weird reason, the trailer downloaded quite fast, much more faster then other sites. Because of your site, I so want to watch Da Vinci Code Very Happy
It seems to be great...
Nicely done mate, i have recently uploaded over 200 videos to google video (took time) lol as they have unlimtied storage and bandwith, and i use the to show all my videos on my site now, just with my own add on the videos so clients still know there my own content. Nicely done anyway matey
hey, thanks for all the great feedback! Much appriciated.

We're going to be adding a feature to allow you to add your own videos to our site. So for example, you have a cool video, you upload it to google video/myspace or something and then you fill out a form on our site using your account, and we'll screen it so see if it meets our high standards and then it will be added. Or if you just find a cool video on one of these sites, doesnt have to be your own, you can still submit it for review and addition. This will mean that the database of videos will grow far more quickly. This functionality should be going live sometime this week, so stay tuned!

Remeber if you sign up, we'll keep you up-to-date with our newsletter, we dont spam, we only send one out when theres something new to tell you about!

Great new feature, looking forward to seeing it up and running
Hey everyone, its been a long time coming but its finally here. You can now add any videos you find on google video, myspace or youtube to oob! Yup thats right, and it only takes a few very simple steps. We will screen all videos before they are added to the site to check that they meet our terms of service etc. This should take easily under 12 hours, but this all depends how many videos we have in the queue to verify. Just login with your account and go to the main page, there you’ll find the submit a video link.
We have tightened up the My oob area so its easier to use and everything you’ll need is in there now. If your wondering where the favourites link in the main menu went, well head to your My oob area and you’ll find it just under your avatar image. Also in your profile you will find the 4 latest videos you’ve added to oob and a ‘view all’ link above that, this is great way to keep track of the videos you have added and those that your friend have also!

The next features were going to be working on is adding more options to the My oob area, allowing you to add your interests etc and make these searchable, so you can find friends with similar interests. Also a few other things that we’ll let you know about closer to the time.
oob video v2 is now live!

Some of the new features include:

- Upload unlimited videos directly to oob video
- Customizable profiles ( fully skinable)
- Clean sleak new design
- Plus lots of other new features

So go ahead and check them all out. We're rapidly expanding now, its all going good.

The name oob doesnt make much sence...however it somehow seems fitting to the site. I dont know how it does, but it does...almost perfectly.

This site is designed really well, and while the idea has been around before this one looks like it will take it a bit further
Thanks for the feedback Dustin.

Yeah the name doesnt actually mean anything, made up word, but we thought it fitted well so we went with it.

Thanks for checking us out!

{name here}
Well, I think this a real good looking site with decent content. Keep up the good work. Consider vaildating its CSS and HTML for standardization, maybe even clean up the HTML and CSS through the W3C's site for faster loading if possible.
thats for the reply, validating and optimization is what were starting next now that it is launched and out there.

We have added a custom area within the my oob section. This area you can enter your own html, this will allow you to add videos, flash, pictures, text to your my oob profile, add your own personal touch. See my profile here ( ) as an example of what can be done!
Every time i visit your website it gets better. What exactly is "Vobe" other than i nice graffik?
Nice site! Do you use somekind of CMS? Smile
Thanks for the replys,

"Vobe" is the collective company name for all projects that we do, we've been so busy with oob video that we have only a place holder on the vobe site so far. oob video seems to be doing so well on its own were thinking of dropping the vobe collective name and just going with oob video.

I have coded every 100% from scratch. There is a CMS, but ive written it for the needs of the site. ( Managing user accounts, dealing with reported videos etc ).
how very intresting. lots of colors. the layout looks a little simple, but i suppose thats not really a bad thing. Smile
Slammer wrote:

I have coded every 100% from scratch. There is a CMS, but ive written it for the needs of the site. ( Managing user accounts, dealing with reported videos etc ).

Ok, really nice work! Smile
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