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Finally, some news from intel

Intel has created a self-contained watercooling unit that will enable the latest Pentium Extreme Edition chips to hit 5GHz with ease.

The cooler has come out of Intel's engineering department, which is staffed with a bunch of enthusiasts who have been trying to push the envelope at Intel to try and get the firm to move away from its 'overclocking is bad, mmmkay' stance.

The team, led by thermal mechanical engineer Gavin Stanley, spent an awful lot of time looking at current watercooling kits and systems on the market. They all shared several flaws, he told us: that they were complex to assemble, had a short life, consisted of too many different parts and used flimsy tubing.
Because of the unique elements of the design, such as the centrifugal pump, solid tubing, precise engineering etc, it is ludicrously powerful. We saw a unit up and running, cooling a 3.8GHz Extreme Edition chip to 5.01GHz (with the RAM and FSB overclocked). The temperature on the processor was 62 celcius, well within operating parameters.

not, bad, eh? I heard (from the same source) that this will only cost Fifty bucks! This definitely goes on my christmas list!
Info courtesy
We managed to grab some time with a Conroe machine that was up and running this morning.

Intel would only run the benchmarks that have been seen elsewhere on the web for us, but we managed to sneak a quick go at FEAR and we configured it the way we like it, before being marched onwards.

Our previous CPU reviews have all utilised a FEAR demo running at 640x480, with no graphical candy, to get straight down to CPU performance without being graphics bound. We configured the Conroe system to do the same, and were pretty gobsmacked with the result.

The system we looked at had a 2.6GHz CPU with DDR2-667 RAM, which - when Conroe finally launches - will be a mainstream part. New Extreme Edition chips will be clocked up at 3GHz and over, using a 1.33GHz bus and DDR2-800 RAM. The graphics cards were dual X1900s in CrossFire.

(Yes, we felt the pain of running X1900 CrossFire at 640x480, don't worry).

We also used an Intel configured AMD system, which was a 2.6GHz FX-60 overclocked to 2.8GHz and configured with low latency DDR400 memory.

The Conroe result speaks for itself, pretty much - we've included our own reference lab numbers from back home for comparison.

Of course, we'll take these results with a pinch of salt until we get to play with our own systems in the labs, which Intel has intimated will be sooner rather than later. We can't wait!

Boles Roor
You can't really compare a new technology such as the Conroe chip with an existing 939 chip. The real battle will be between AM2 and this Conroe thingy.
However, it does look very nice indeed.
Just wait til AMD get their hands on something similar. They'd be virtually unbeatable!
Boles Roor
SunburnedCactus wrote:
Just wait til AMD get their hands on something similar. They'd be virtually unbeatable!
I sure hope so yes. Not that I'll go with Intell anyways.
a 5.0Ghz processor off the shelf would be pretty sweet i have to admit even though it is intel...
I'm waiting for similar AMD procesor...
I'm an AMD guy too, it's just a big move for intel.
Given that AMD processors tend to have slower clock speeds out of the box than Intel i would think that the odds of seeing AMD processors with this sort of speed anytime soon is slim at best.
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