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Cannot Access []

Since 1-2 weeks i cannot access my website.
neither from HTTP nor from FTP
You don't seem to be hosted at all?
seems like you accepted him but his posts are mostly spam Confused
this was one of the earlier accounts. probably the user wasn't moved to the new system (nor added to the hosted group). ha has had his account in use, but he honestly shouldn't have it running since early August last year (about the time his points would've dropped under the minimum.
take the time u used on Frihost as a Bonus «TechnoPhile».

This still needs reviewing, since some of the rules changed since your first request, but i think a new account request is in order, and remember you MUST remain active on this forum to keep your account.
Also, to have your request accepted, you need quality posting at our forums, not spam or "one-line" posts.

Be Well Cool
So Technically How Many [Spam Free] Posts I Need 2 Make 2 Get My Account Back Running...
«TechnoPhile» wrote:
So Technically How Many [Spam Free] Posts I Need 2 Make 2 Get My Account Back Running...

At lease 5 posts and 10 quality points. But the more (spam-free) posts you have, the better your chances of getting a hosting account. Please remember that when you request an account a moderator will read all your posts and decide whether or not they are high enough quality.
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