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I actually have a reason for using Yahoo mail, instead of using Outlook or Outlook Express.

I have MS Outlook and MS Outlook Exprees at my disposal. I have used both programs for my Email in the past. I have eight kids and at different times in my life the kids have reached puberty and decided unbenounced to me that they were going to explore the risque web sites that are available on the internet. My wife ended up getting so many porno emails ,that to this day, she's afraid to surf the internet. She spent all of her time on the computer deleting vulgar emails.

I use yahoo mail so that all of this slime ends up on somebody else's hard drive. With eight kids, I dont need extra crap on my computer.

With viligent effort to avoid major crashes on my computers, I have to say that I have been unsuccessful, Yep! I'm talking about me, the computer genius in the family! Since 1983 I've had 19 major crashes. Each time I've had to reinstall the operating system. I'm getting smarter about it though. This time the computer crashed I installed a small hard drive and saved things like music and pictures to it. When I reformatted the main drive and reinstalled the OS, the new drive was untouched. All of my precious files were still there and ready for the fresh copy of the OS. I just copied the files to the old hard drive after reformatting and reinstalling the OS.

The moral of the story is, if you can use sombody else's hard drive, DO IT. Your life will be a whole lot simpler!!!
Yes, Yahoo mail is a good one. I like the spamfilter. So, the spam will not end up on anyone's hard drive: it gets deleted immediately. Great feature!
Whoa, eight kids! Congrats! Smile
Use has a much more efficient spam filter than yahoo!!
Gmail is seconded. Plus no ads.... Smile
G-mail rocks for me.
I've just started using gmail & it seems pretty good. I like the way it works - conversations rather than just unconnected emails. That's very useful for keeping track of things without having to wade through dozens of emails from the same person trying to find 1 that's relelvant to the topic in hand.
hotmail rules!, i have the latest beta version for testing and its brilliant. you do get a lot of junk mail with hotmail but it just slots itself into the junk mail folder Cool
gmail is really good, lots of space and very fast. Easy to use too.
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