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Wireless Mouse problems

I couldn;t find this one in the search engines...

I recently bought a wireless optical mouse. Initially it worked ok, but after a few days the problems started. Sometimes (indeed not always...) when I shut down the computer and I restart the next day for example. The mouse is not recognized. The green light on the transmitter does not work. I have to log on using the touchpad. When entering in Windows it appears that the USB port does not recognize the device. I am recommanded to reconnect the device or even replace it. If I take out the cord and re enter into any USB port of the laptop, it mostly gives the same error. All other USB devices always work fine. Sometimes the light on the transmitter goes green, but moving the mouse does not move the cursor. Then after while deconnecting and connecting the USB device of the transmitter into a port it suddenly works.

This of course irritates the hack out of me. It should work...The transmitter and the mouse are never more than 20 cm away from eachother. I work on Windows XP Home SP2.

What can I do? Any ideas anybody? The same problem, with a mouse or keyboard (wireless) maybe?

P.S. when the mouse finally works, it doesn't give me any problems. Just once in a while after turning the computer on....
Try changing the batteries. I used to have a wireless mouse and keyboard on my PC and that was a common problem for me.

Make sure that there are no other devices that might interfere with the signal.

Is the mouse bluetooth ? You might have to re-pair the device with the laptop in order to get better connectivity.

On the keyboard and mouse that I had, there was a "Connect" button that I would have to press to get a new signal from the transmitter.

Just to let you know, the transmitter is working with infared, it only goes up to about 20 feet when in-line before it starts losing its signal.

Dunno if I've helped any to you, but good luck with it anyways.

- Mike.
It's something at least, however, the mouse comes with rechargeable batteries. The transmitter is also charger for the mouse. It is a cradle. I tried other batteries in case the rechargeable batteries came empty, but that was not the case. I also have a button below on the mouse and the transmitter to arrange the signal. But if I turn on the computer and the light on the transmitter is off, than trying to arrange the connection does not work. Because there is neither connection between the mouse and the computer.

I cannot believe the USB drivers are all of a sudden not ok. For all other devices (external harddisk, webcam, mp3 player, celular, iPod, memory sticks) it is working without any trouble.
The mouse may just be faulty - why not contact the manufacturer or company that sold it to you? They'll be able to advise you if this is likely to be a configuration issue or faulty hardware.
I think Animal is right, it's probably a faulty mouse. Wireless keyboards and mice are a pain in the butt, especially the cheap ones. Personally, I find the incovenience of a cable much less hastle than trying to get cordless ones to work reliably.
I have had similar problems with two wireless sets.

The strange thing is on both sets (keyboard and mouse) the mouse has died completely while the keyboards are still operable!

Why the mouse I don't know, but I have now given up. I use a wireless keyboard and a USB mouse.

Both sets are made by Trust.
Like I was always told, "never trust a TRUST"...Mine is Compaq and in fact was not that cheap.

By accident I have my sisters laptop also here, and this morning I came with the brilliant idea ( Laughing ) to test the mouse on her laptop. And no sh* is working without any trouble. I worked all morning on it. turned the computer on and perfect.

So I delete all the mouse drivers on my laptop again and do a fresh install exactly the way I installed it on my sisters...and guess what...the USB does not know the device.

Now I did format my computer a few days before I bought this thing. And also I have problems with my build in card reader. The same thing...does not work. I'm mailing with HP/support every day to see what it could be. Up to now, no solution.

The only thing that is really different after this format (I formatted my computer earlier without problems) is that I made an extra partition (so I have a C: and a D: drive now). I made this partition with the setup cd from HP (original Windows XP Home). I upgraded to SP2. Does anybody recognize hardware problems after making extra partitions. I never did this before. If I have to I am willing to format again without the partitions. But it will cost me another 2 days to install everyting Confused

Bottomline I think it is my laptop and not the mouse... Evil or Very Mad Hope there is anyone to comment on this one...

USB is very flaky, try simply plugging the mouse into a different port, preferably directly onto the main USB hub on the motherboard. Its amazing how many USB related probems are "solved" that way.
It could be a power issue. Your ports may not always be able to provide enough power to the transmitter. Try plugging it in to a powered USB hub. This is a common problem with some ADSL modems, they often don't work because the USB ports struggle to provide enough power for them. Also, if you have any other USB devices attached, try unplugging them. You may also notice a difference if the laptop is powered from the mains rather than battery.
SoftStag wrote:
It could be a power issue.

Just now you mention...

Almost at the same time I finally received a response from the "helpdesk" on the mouse. They actually came with the same thing.

I would like to share this with all of you...

Since I changed this setting it looks like it works. I turned of the computer a couple of times and so far so good...

1. Right click on the icon of My Computer
2. Click on properties
3. Click on Hardware
4. Click on Device Manager
5. Click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers
6. Double click on USB Root Hub
7. Click on Power Management
8. Uncheck the option to turn off the USB port to save power
9. Repeat the same procedure with all the USB Root Hub that you have.
well wireless mouse are always a problem, i ditched mine because sometimes it wouldnt charge properly, wouldnt last very long, and would not work after a while, so i just used the USB mouse which is great apart from sometimes when u play games, it randomly moves the cursor every hour or so and moves ur crosshair all around the place Cool
Unfortunately I have to come back from my earlier still is not working 100% Crying or Very sad

However I now changed the charger (which has a infrared device or so) not completely facing the mouse but like "looking" along the mouse. And it is working better now. So although the mouse and charger are very close to eachother, the angle between them seems to be relevant as well. It is not 100% ok, but it is better than before...

For sure if this mouse goes down, I won't go back to wireless mouse...what a mess... Evil or Very Mad
I have also had similar problems with a microsoft wireless mouse which i bought for my girlfriends pc, plugged it in and straight away got a windows baloon telling me 'Unrecognized Device'!
The mouse had no drivers and none were available for it on microsoft's website. I tried the mouse on my PC and it worked fine, for a couple of days then all of a sudden 'Unrecognized Device' and i had not changed a thing.
i was running duelboot with openBSD so i booted openBSD and recognized the mouse straight away! I spent hours searching through forums and webpages to try and get the mouse working, various people had posted fixes but none of them worked for me. It seems to be a common problem judging by the amount of posts i found on various forums.

The moral of this story is.... don't buy a wireless mouse, they are not worth the trouble.
I have a logitech wireless mouse (MP 250). The mouse pointer of this mouse is not moving although the left and right clicks along with the scroll are functioning. I have changed the battery(new duracell) and uninstall and reinstall the mouse and human interface device couple of time but with no improvement. I have switched off all the wifi devices nearby. The wireless keyboard which came as a bundle with this is working fine.The mouse is attached to my laptop and the laptop touch pad mouse is working fine.The bottom red light of the mouse is glowing.Tried with different usb port also with no result. I am using XP SP3 and it was working fine till yesterday. It is working in 2.4GHz wifi (as told in the manual).
As per the discussion with the logitech customer support today, I have downloaded a software from logitech website logitech connect utilityand ran it. The mouse is paired with different frequency. Now the curser is moving but a bit sluggish compared to the touch pad. Anyway, something is better than nothing Smile
i love my wired mouse Laughing

cheap and never got problem
The wireless mouses are not very much usable because its life is not too long as we compare it with other mouse and also wireless mouse has some battery changing problems.As we know old is gold .You can visit :-best computers
You can try
1) changing batteries
2) updating drivers
- Check your battery
- Update your driver
- Check your USB port
- Test your mouse on other computer
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