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Game Maker

Does any1 like to make games? There's this progam where you can make your own games easliy. Actually, writing all the codes are hard. But still, making the game is fun, and playing the game you made is even funner. I use to put games I made on my webs. My friend, he is making a online RPG game. It's cool, really cool.
I'm working on my own online RPG, it'll be fully integrated with PHPbb, and it will be entirely web-based and in real-time. (All data storage will be on a my-sql database.) The only program I'm using to make it, however, is a good HTML editor.
ocalhoun: have I seen you in a norwegian forum? you talk exactly like that guy!

anyways, yeah I was working on an rpg game for PC, but our coder quitted, and I was doing the art and graphics for it. some of it was pretty good too. but since our coder had too little time on his hands, he had to quit. damn shame that was.
I use Game is a great program, even though it may not be tonnes powerful, its still good!! I made a simple tutorial on it a while ago.

Game Maker Tutorial

It is just to give new people a little push to get them going, hope people find it useful Smile .
i is cool~~~

i like this software~~

we can make a game easily

even thuogh you do not know any programme language~~

thx for your sharing~~
I've recently taken to writing programs on the TI (Texas Instruments) graphing calculators, especially the 83+. Especially interesting is writing in assembly language, which interfaces directly with the processor, so is by definition fast.
I found Game Maker to be rather difficult in making games, probably because I'm just not good at that kind of stuff. I do have fun making RPGs using RPG Maker though, which is a lot simpler and easier to use.
i tried making games a while ago, but i find it really hard lol. . it was kind of fun anyway though.
Three years ago (yes I believe it was such a long time) I tried Game Maker. However, it could not satisfy me, it was too limited, and I saw things big. So I uninstalled it and learned programming.

Three years later, I can program in C++ (but I don't do it that often), but I never made a game with it... I'm simply not willing to spend my time making silly games that no-ones play (2D-games.) If I would want to make a 3D-game, that would require lots of time (to learn stuff about 3D Engines and how to use them), and I don't have that time.

I made a web-based game in PHP, MySQL as database-system, but I was whole alone (to program), so I stopped programming, but it was a nice experience. The difficulty in making these games is not writing the code I think, but making a solid concept and managing to let all the elements of your game fit perfectly in the game. In most games, you'll work with some kind of money, and you'll have to determine the cost of several things, the strength of several units, etc.

So ocalhoun, if you need help, I'm always prepared to help you! Wink
i use RPG maker to make RPG's. i tried using Game Maker, but i sucked at it.
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