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Slight username problem.

Okay, so I just had my request for a hosting account accepted today (3/14/06). The only problem is, although my login is the same as my forum account (bladesage), or at least I think it was the way I requested it, my pm said (accurately, actually) my username is "bladesag".

I mostly want to know, is this an error I made in requesting it, or was there a slight mistake in proccessing it. I can get over it (mostly) if it's my fault, but I find it frustrating. Please note that I'm not mad or disappointed by any means, as I really, really love the service (already!). I'm just slightly confused (and I don't like trying to remember a different login, since I have ADD Embarassed ).

On another note, I have a simpler problem (probably) with accessing my site. I uploaded it successfully (after a couple tries and adjustments to my pages), and it is more of a trifle than a serious problem, but when I open my site, I get linked to a page that's all white, except for a sentence and a lone link: To view home, click here.

Think you could tell me how to fix this (I mean, the link works just fine, but I don't want my visitors to see this page every single time)?

I appreciate any and all help, and I am very pleased with the service Smile
We take the first 8 characters of your username for the control panel username. Usernames may not be too long for various reasons.

About your other problem, place a file called ".htaccess" in that directory with as contents: "DirectoryIndex home.html". Or replace home.html with the file you want to be loaded when the directory is accessed.
Thank you so very much!!

This makes way more sense now!

And I was never expecting a response from the biggest person on the site, that, to me, is an honor. I love the site!

I was certainly not expecting an answer so soon =D. That is so awesome!

Once again, I cannot thank you enough. And I really love the ideas behind this site!

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