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Colection of Images

Here are couple photos that I colected from when I was 8. (the time I got a computer). I storted them all in my F disk and I brought it to United states. =)

This is probably the last photo of me in Lithuania, when I was 10. My friend was trying to get me in the air 14 times. (you could tell from my face lol)[Lithuania]

This is me when I got a haircut after a long time. I couldn't explain how happy I was. A bit of Photoshop in a backround[United States]

Here I am using photoshop for my school homework, where I had to copy 6 problems from my book in 6th grage. I used a scaner and a printer Cool
[United States]

I did this for my friend on myspace. That's her dog, Jjong. One of the first projects with Photoshop.[United States]

When I was little, me and my cousin discovered scaner. Scaning paper was old so we took it to another step...(i'm on the right) The text in a picture says "I can't look at you!" [United States]

No comments. [Lithuania]

A very beutiful picture of my grandmothers house in winter.[Lithuania]

A castle I built from loneliness... [United States]

I hated when my mother use to take pictures of me, so I use to make stupid faces. Rolling Eyes [United States]
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