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Poll: What is the most satisfying?

What is the most satisfying?
The first cut in a fresh sheet of construction paper
 0%  [ 0 ]
(males only)pee shivers - you know, when you're taking the very first pee right in the morning when u wake up? u know what I'm talking about!
 45%  [ 10 ]
The first stroke of a new paintbrush
 4%  [ 1 ]
Filling your cars gastank + stopping the nozzle right on the dime on the $$ amount you wanted first try
 31%  [ 7 ]
Sharpening a brand new pencil...with an electric sharpener!
 18%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 22

Laughing thought this would be a gooder
Add sex to the poll and you'll get a vote from me...none of those things come even close to my top ten list.
Definately the pee shivers, though i would vote pooping if it were on the list, that is the most satisfying thing in the world

Well, most of those things aren't even satisfying, but I put pee shivers because those are funny...

Once I was at a LAN party, totally wasted, and I pissed in someones computer. It was awesome! (I had pee shivers when I pissed in it, so that comment is relevent Laughing )
While i can think of a few things more satisfying than "Filling your cars gastank + stopping the nozzle right on the dime on the $$ amount you wanted first try" that one gets my vote
I'm an artist so the first stroke with a new paintbrush was mine. If I could pick one that wasn't on the list it would be the moment when you first jump in a pool in summer Very Happy
None of the above... how about warm sand between your toes. Or the first touch of icy cold river water on a hot summer day.
(yeah, I know, I'm such a girl (I don't even know what pee shivers are (not sure I want to know Confused)))
Well, I would have voted for the paintbrush, but I had to go with filling the gas tank and having it stop right where I want it.

I race supersport motorcycles, so I fill my tank quite often, and when it fills just right like that I absolutely love it.
Pyxel wrote:
I race supersport motorcycles, so I fill my tank quite often, and when it fills just right like that I absolutely love it.

Since I'm a biker, I'll go with that one too (and ignore the "car" bit in the sentence) - out of a lot of choices, none of which are really on my top 20 list of satisfactory stuff Wink Still, have to give you credit for not picking obvious choices. Anyone's list will be different. But much more, as for lots of bike riders, going through the perfect curve on a road gives an indescribable (and quite weird) satisfaction. Smile

And, the most obvious choice, as Vrythramax pointed out, sex. But much much more, waking up next to your still sleeping girlfriend in the morning. That can keep me in bed, perfectly content, for hours. Smile

Much more mundane, finding the perfect programming solution to a problem, and realizing it's so obvious (while that may still be frustrating too Wink).

The first day of warm weather, warm summer rain... Less inventive than your options. Romantic, fuzzy, care bear satisfactions, but they still hold true. And I'm the type who can get satisfaction from almost anything, depending on my mood Smile
I write and record a lot of my own music. I spend hours, days, weeks & sometimes months working on a track - altering the sound of 1 particular instrument very slightly, minute adjustments to the balance, different parts fading in and out just so. Then, 1 time, I play it through and it's exactly how I wanted it. The satisfaction I get from that is indescribable.

But apart from that, pee shivers! Very Happy
I chose the pee-shiver thingy, cause, hell yeah is that satisfying or what? I can almost feel it now, coming down my spine.... yeah...
I dunno, few things compare to that sense of victory you get within when you hit it right on the $20.00 mark. I like it.
Catastrophic Fairy
Heh, I'm an artist as well (ameture, but an artist none the less), and nothing is better to me as the pencil in the electric pencil sharpener. Twisted Evil It just sounds so evil as I do so. Though it's not half as satisfying as when I'm colouring in Paint Shop Pro and I get a great lighting effect. :3 Less creepy stares when that happens too. ^^;
Shocked This is all a bit too surreal.
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