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Guild wars

Does anyone play this game. I have it and its really cool. Just wanted to see if anyone else played thats all.
I thought it was good, though eventually i got bored of it quite quickly, Its hard to play for more than an hour or so straight.
Yes i played GW a lot. In fact, i busted the 1000hrs of play. This game is not just run into the fight and try to win. There's a lot of strategy in it. And i really like the PvP part. Can't wait for Factions to come for Scrimmage play.
One of my friends played it for a while. He was really psyched about it. Turns out he didn't like it at all.

Shame on you
hey, havent got the game, heard its really good, although the missions apparently are a bit boring and repetative. Anyone got any coments/recomendations? looking to buy it soon... thanks

I brought it when it came out because I really needed another good RPG to play. I love it, really good but I kind of got distracted and stopped playing it just before christmas I think. I intend to go back to it when I have more spare time sometime soon!
I play Guild Wars alot and its lots of fun! I would really recommend it to other people. I will also buy Guild Wars: Factions that is coming out in April. At the moment I want to set up a site for advertising Spider Capturing in the Underworld. Also my clients could leave their feedback there.
I tried this game... it was ok watching a friend playing it but when I played it, it got soooooooo boring because I didn't know where to get new armours etc and the max level is only 20! (that stin**).

If you want to play a good MMORPG game a good one is that is a fun game and it's free.
oh and runescape... alot of skills Very Happy
Never herd of it. Is it some kind of austrila game? I have seen it in forums created by people from australia.
Are there any private servers for guild wars yet?
No, there are no private servers. I don't think they will be having any in the near future.

I play GWs quite a lot. I did get bored last year after a while but I've recently got back into the game again.
I got an invite to the Guild Wars Factions demo preview event this weekend and thought pretty poorly of the game. The movement was un-intuitive (though radial movement worked great in Resident Evil - what happened to it here!?), the combat system was slow and boring and it was damn near impossible to kill even 1 creature with a party of 4 let alone the way you get surrounded by hordes of them. I thought this game was pretty boring. It was only about an hour afterwards that I got bored and decided to play Fable instead. God I love Fable.
i play guild wars and like it Sad
So I finally sat down and put my thoughs about the Factions preview event down to pen so to speak. Overall I am very happy with what I saw of course some thing I didn't like but a big portion of that I think was wrong was because I was tossed in the high level of the game with no learning curve on the skills and concepts. Anyway take a look at the review.

Faction Preview Reviewed
Excellent Game. Smooth Gameplay, Nice Graphics, Realistic Sounds and to top it all off there's no monthly charge. Very Happy
I play it also. Nice game, but i miss the ability to run freely around the world like in wow. but then again, its another sort of game ^^
I have this game and I love it. It's one of the best mmorpg's but WoW still reigns as game of the year lol! It EXTREMELY good to be free play and no monthly fees! Only buy the game for 50 dollars and ur in forever! I can see this game costing quite a bit of money per month but luckily it doesnt! It does sometimes get repetitive but its still very very very fun! It all depends on how u play the game, expirence and ur common sense factor lol! Cause it doesn't directly tell u everything! Some Thing u have to check on your own or use common sense!
Hehe i posted above that i love that game.... not anymore. I found a way to make money way too fast and got bored by the repetitive play. I bought World of Warcraft on March 26 and find it way better. (even if graphic are less appealing). I played Factions preview and it still the same thing over and over.
...that even here is some GW players.. Very Happy I'm glad of it.. I got THE Guild Wars on december, and when i tried it quick to see in one night, i just got crashed to it. And now, i'm waiting my pre-ordered GW: Factions release and droping in local post office.

It really is one of the most captive games ever made, as far as i know about MMO's.. Especially i fall in love with PvP and GvG methods.. Awesome.. Can't say it's just rush-to-fight game, and yes, it really isn't. You can easily get stuck some place if u don't know what to do and what "character build" u should have at the time.

Graphics are nice, sounds and music marvelous. Control is nicely combined as mouse+keyboard, but you can also choose if u want to play with mouse OR keyboard, or should u use both. Camera is a bit wierd. Especially if stand near wall or some debris, there can be some sprite blocking your view and WHEN you are near the wall, camera shows only some area straight ABOVE you and that prevents you seeing your current target.

Although, i haven't found anything DEVASTATING bad glitches in the game. Only if some stupid little LAGs and encountered Net-err=XX popups. Confused

And btw: The reason i cathced this host, is to get my GW titled web site out of geocities to under more effective host. The link to the site at the moment is: Please give me some feedback when i got it up here and running. Boards are already up and running. Any suggests for the site are welcome. Very Happy
I've gone back to it now, refering back to my earlier post. Great game... don't know how I stopped playing. If anyone wants to join me add "Josso One" to your friends.
Yup yup. 704 hours of my life and counting. I actualy found this site indirectly from the guild wars official site...I looked at the FAQ for community pages, which took my to a free host search engine, which brought me here posting for some free webspace so I can get a forum up for my Guild in time for Factions. I bough the game a week after it came out and have done 4 full PvE characters, but never got into PvP too much because I don't like the atmosphere (zomg must be rank 6+ flash emote @ storage) and UT is way better for fragging internet gamers.

If any of you fellow Guild Wars players are not in a guild, I would be more than happy to invite you to mine. Right now we are a small group from a clan in another game but with factions I envision the guild growing and getting a forum going for us very soon & we already have a Ventrilo server for hanging out. PM me or xfire me if interested (xfire - arienrhode).

Factions is going to be great and i'm really hoping this will be the time when the game finally hits it's real potential. As it was, the first installment was great but PvE players probably found it too short & too limited for consuming their life day after day and PvP players seem to be stuck in their own crazy cycle of elitism and lack of social skills in general. I hope this mixes it up enough to where PvE players learn how to play better and PvP players are more open to players of lesser skill, all while having a great time!

Very Happy
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