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Silkroad Online - Great MMORPG


I'd like to intoduce this great game before you.
The first thing that attracted my eye was the big poster on the site that says "Free to Play Forever".

That's right! This awsome game will be free forever!(at least I hope it'll be)

Well, currently the company that owns this game is called "Joymax".
They have 6 servers with a lot of players.
I mean at least 200,000 players.

Well, if you want to try, log into their site and download the client.

If you're already a player:
My clan's site:
great game Smile
its ok. i played it a while ago. too much lag for my taste.
They fixed that pretty much.
Just wanted to make a topic about the game Very Happy.
Luckily I know how to use the Search function Wink.
And the game is awesome.
I'm lv28 now and it still didn't get boring.
Yesterday I pked the first person ever.
I thought he attacked another player, but in fact it was a cape fight >.<...
Awsome game..

Thnx for the info Helios Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Laughing

I will download the game and give it a try..
The screenshots shows lots of visual FX and smooth graphics..

Can you tell me about gameplay features ?

Can you get horses, buy buildings, make weapons, ect. ?

BTW.. you should mention that you need to buy game currency to get better weapons, so in theory it is NOT free Sad
Yay! Thanks for sharing that info. I'll check it ASAP. Hope to be something really good 'cuz now I'm in MMPORG wave Very Happy
Silkroad rocks!! Very Happy
I have a firend who plays this game... I would but my computer sux too much ;P I saw a lot of the screen shots and it looks amazing! everyone who can should play take advantage of your comptuer man!!! lol

It's also free. like all Korean games that are free are amazing!!! crazy people making those crazy games... Play now!!!
Yeah i playd it a bitt and id still play it IF oblivion hadent goten in the whay

the skill system sux tho
I'm surprised after lookingat the game. My first thoughts were that it would it just be simple top down, 2D mmo, as many free mmo's are. Perhaps I'll play it soon, if time permits.
I tried the game it wwas very boring for me... well its nice its free and you cant demand that much but the game was very hard to understand and nonintuitive. leveling was very boring for me too.

at least i gave it a spin.
my conclusion: stay well clear
WoW, that is an amazing game for it to be free however if u are willing to spend around 50$, guild wars is leaps and bounds better.

And if u dont care bout a few monthly payments, WoW is the way to go. SO many ppl play WoW at this point that, that in and of itself is what makes it so entertaining.

Its a good game, looks nice, is good to play and lots of fun.
wow a free MMORPG. Where is the catch? How do these guys make their money? It looks awesome.
I'm downloading it now, at first glance I thought the gfx were gonna me kiddie like R.O.S.E but after doing a little research and looking at SS's I seen that it actually looks decent. Pretty much all these free MMO's these days are the same witht he exception of GFX so thats all that really matters to me.
Does it have European servers? Or are they all in the far east? Also what would be the best free alternative?
yeah the grapics are really good for a free mmo but ther are other games simeler to it like

the graphics arnt as good as silkroad but thay have a bit more advaced lvling system ect

PlaneShift Crysta:

and ofc

rubies of eventide:
i played this game too it was cool you have much like this games like lineage and more games like that they almost alway are the same its just walk around and kill or some quests if you play it a while it is going to be boring but silkroad is the best of all the mmorpg games better then sherwood Razz and runescape but i have seen better online games then that.

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is an online computer role-playing game in which a large number of players interact with one another in a virtual world. As in all RPGs, players assume the role of a fictional character (traditionally in a fantasy setting) and take control over most of that character's actions. MMORPGs are distinguished from single-player or small multi-player RPGs by the game's persistent world, usually hosted by the game's publisher, which continues to exist and evolve while the player is away from the game.

MMORPGs are immensely popular, with several commercial games reporting millions of subscribers. South Korea boasts the highest subscription numbers, with millions of users registered with the more popular games.
I play flyff.
I like it because it is easy to play.
Couple of friends play it, and they're trying to get me into it. I left WoW not too long ago, but have started playing Oblivion. Maybe when I get tired of it I'll give Silkroad a shot.
Already quit that game, to be honest Razz
i have been playing for 3-4 months and this game is amazing,
better than the MMORPG gamez you know.
It has some problemz, but they fix it,
lag problemz, connection problemz, and also the boring quests
but still tihs game is great...
I'm 3x lvl and if you want to play this game i advise you to read about this game on the forums about the skills, chars, servers before you start play itThere are many clues in the forums.
In the older severs there are many players hasreached the highest lvls, its diffiecult to play with them.You can get the guest list on any silkroad forum up to 40 lvl. You should do the guests to up your level easily ordinary your skills too..
I've played this ... this MMO for over a week. But it's too much korean style to be my favourite game. I've returned to Lineage II. Now I hate the so-called Silkroad. This isn't a good game. Silkroad sucks! It's boring!!
bean playing flyff all day to day and so far iv found it alot better than silkroad not that silk road is a bad gamei just find flyff alot better Razz
At first I thought the game was about Trading, Due to the fact the silkroad was a trade route, But I checked it out and it seems interesting. I'll check it out on the weekend when I have time.

edit: Also, The map on isnt accurate at all, Back in the ancient times, Most of the countries you see didnt exist at all such as the former Soviet States.
I have been playing SRO for a long time and it is amazing for being a free game i mean? Very Happy It's very fun aswell but some negative things are the quests.. The only thing you do i grinding.. Sad

i wanted to try out flyff, but of course there is no registration right now =((

is it possible to be invited? invite me if thats the case Wink
yeah ive just started playing this game and i think its really good Razz im level 9 but im slowly getting better Smile i also like the qquests, there pretty good
SilverDogg wrote:
its ok. i played it a while ago. too much lag for my taste.

What did you expect in servers full of people? It seemed like everybody played the game and it means the game gets laggy. Ignorant...
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