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how to improve your rating in search engine

hello friends

can any one suggest me how can i improve my rating in search engine
search engine optimization tips

i could have given you suggestions specific to your website. but its down i think.
try to put links to your site... you can also add your site to googlebot.... Very Happy
openaasman wrote:
hello friends

can any one suggest me how can i improve my rating in search engine

WOW! quite a broad, general question that could take up pages & pages! First on page optimization do a google on 'keyword optimization' and on-page optimization;' content, veryimportant, content that relates to your subject that containes yo target keywords, of did I forget to mention defining how folks will find your site and defining your keyword before hand?
Then Off Page Optimization links, link text, more links vary your link text, Articles about your site pointing to you site. Gettng ONE WAY links, more links. Links every where; in your signature on this, and any other, forum you participate in.
And more links!
Submittng a site map create an RSS feed from your site and submit it to the differnt sites that accept that. get a my Yahoo account and put it there put links to your page on My yahoo, Put it on delicious, submit to DMOZ (don't hold yer breath on that one). Subit you sitemap to Google hook your site in alexa, put links & sitemaps everywhere you can.
01. Good keyword rich content. its essential.

02. Use a short and sweet meta "description" and also put yr meta keywords

03. describe yr web page in yr title tag. Use few keywords there.

04. Use an Alt tag for every image u have and use good keywords for them too

05. Use bold , strong , H1-H5 tags,

06. Always use full URL for yr links []

07.plenty of back links form related web sites
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