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Whats on your iPod?

Hey if you have an iPod what are your playlists?
I guess that my playlists are as follows:
Bollywood Blast - As I reside in India, the film industry has its own songs that are sung in a language called Hindi.
English Pop - All English Pop songs are here.
English Rock - All English Rock songs are here.
Favourites - My favourite songs are kept here.
Hindi Pop - Hindi Pop songs are in here.
Instruments Galore - All instrumental songs are in here.
Linkin Park - All Linkin Park songs are overhere.
New Hope - This is the playlist I here when I am depressed.
Party Dance - An amazing dance mix is here for you!
I don't have set playlists on mine (it's not actually an Ipod, tis a Sony Walkman) I prefer to mush all my music in together and leave it on random shuffle...

some of the bands/artists on there include : Arcade Fire, Maximo Park, Tegan and Sara, The Feeling, Morning Runner, P!nk, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Rufus Wainwright, Jack Johnson, Joanna Newsom, Placebo, Muse, Panic! At The Disco, The Organ, Sleater-Kinney, James Blunt, Antony and The Johnsons... could go on and on, I <3 my music!!!
I just select an artist and let it scroll through all their songs. Or else I'm too lazy to do anything and I let one song repeat itself over a million times.
Seems like I'm the only one here that doesn't listen to North American music.

Not to offend anybody but all their screeching and screaming doesn't really appeal to me >_>

I got converted from English music to Japanese music through a bunch of friends that are J-Lunatics. I have a lot of J-Rock/Pop on mine, and a few Korean songs. Some bands such as L'arc~en~Ciel, Janne da Arc, etc.
everyone should have their ipod jam packed with zeppelin tracks. its the law. might i suggest a little stairway a la live at madison square gardens?!! how amazing is that track?!

a little embrace and idlewild.

oasis are of course my favourites on there, they have a special place in ma heart the gallagher brothers do.

ne one else into any of these bands, and if you are have you seen any of them live? (in the case of zep, have you seen page or plant live?)

and shes buying....
My Sony Mp3 is jam packed with Nirvana The CHILLYS! Arctic monkeys! Gorillaz, blur ya know all those rocks bands Razz cba to name them all lol. But i also like rap like Kanye West ect
I don't use playlists. I usually listen to music by album. I have a lot of classical, jazz and soundtracks on my ipod with some classical rock.
well i dun have any official playlists... but i guess i could group stuff up

ok so therz my jap songz, mostly anime songs, i love the slam dunk songs the best

and then thers my green day songs, i dont care if u dont like them, to me they are great

and... what else... well i guess i could group together all the rock music and yer there u have it... thats about it...
All of Linkin Park's songs.
arctic monkeys
the cribs
the libertines
dirty pretty things
the smiths
cfackler wrote:
I don't use playlists. I usually listen to music by album. I have a lot of classical, jazz and soundtracks on my ipod with some classical rock.

I 'm pretty much like that, but minus the jazz and up the classical. I also like classic rock, but I'm just a classical teen. I can't help it.
i only put on the songs i want to hear
I just have a mirror of whats on my computer. So mainly metal, rock....or anything else I like. I've also been putting old episodes of Loveline (radio show w/ adam corolla) on there which is pretty entertaining.
I have tons of stuff from all over the musical map.

To be honest I have a bunch of Stand up comedy on it at the moment. I find that when I am driving I like to forget about everything and laugh. Not particualrly safe for the other drivers but hey what are ya gonna do? Wink
most of my songs are reggae! yahman
me on my iPod i aint got no shit rap, no rnb, no jazz none of that shit...

just great old/new RAP !!!

bone thugs n harmony
bizzy bone
krayzie bone
layzie bone
notorious big
big pun
proof (from d-12.. R.I.P Homie!)
only the best music! Ska, punk, alternative an so on Very HappyVery Happy

*Blink 182
*Sum 41
*The Ramones
*Bad Religion
*The Offspring
*Pidżama Porno
*Piersi & Kukiz
only alternative rock and metal music on my iPod playlist

*Mor ve otesi(they are Turkish)
*Cilekes(same as mor ve otersi)

i think tasty music Very Happy
loz. I've got a lot!... mostly anything.. or random! GRrGGrr... I've got 30gigs.. and I only used 2gigs so far.. and i ran out of song to put in... ahaha i've got 8 movies too... lolz...

btw i have the ipod video 30gigs!...
I have a few playlists, some artist based:

Clutch (includes all the songs from them)
In Flames (All songs)
Nightwish (all songs)
Favs (Includes some 20 hours of music, all the songs i like best)
Solos (Some of my favorite guitar solos 9.5 hours)
Techno list (Different electronica and industrial stuff)
Linux (Razz)

In the way of music, though, here's what I've been listening to recently:

Violent Femmes
The Misfits
The Replacements
Pink Floyd
Bad Brains
The Clash

I have alot more music on my iPod, pretty much too much to post.
I lost all the data on my computer, and can't be bothered putting songs back on it. Therefore, I can't make playlists. And all my tracks are unorganised, which can get really annoying when you're looking for a certain song.
i am about to get a ipod but does anyone know what i should call the playlists?
On my dear little ipod there is these playlists:

    Disney - selected soundtracks from Disney
    Pure Metal - songs which in my opinion is nothing but metal... Twisted Evil
    The Beauty of my Beast - Sad beautiful songs, which means a lot to me
    Entertaining - The whole Phantom of the Opra soundtrack and other theateral/movie stuff
    Most played - the most played songs
    the resent played.. and some more which I can't remember right now...
i don't have an ipod because i think it's too expensive and it does not have an equalizer. I have a player by Creative though. That aside, these are what's in it.

ROCK - some sevendust, incubus, procupine tree, coldplay, hedpe, jeff buckley
HOUSE & DRUM N BASS - kaskade, lisa shaw, lna, miguel migs... the soulful ones
LAID BACK RNB - natalie, craig david... when i'm in da mood for some lovin. hehe
PINOY ROCK - noypi rock at its best (udub, kamikazee, kapatid, kjwan...)
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