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**SPOILER** Soprano's final season premier

So, the premier was last nite and there are some spoilers ahead so if you haven't seen it, stop now.

I loved every minute of it, the only annoyance to me was the constant product placement. When Tony gives Carmella the Porsche Cayenne, he does the fulls sales pitch, "it's a new porsche cayenne with a 4.5 liter engine blah blah blah..." I was just stunned at how many and how long some of the product placement was. Bobby playing with his trains starts with a good ten second shot of the Nesquik car. Carmella goes to see Ginny Sac, and she says yes it's a new porsche cayenne, like the pepper. After Carm's dinner at the vesuvio and says she had her eye on it, her friend says, I liked it but i'm more of a vette person and hits the alarm on her new blue vette.

The placements started to get out of hand. I thought at any moment, someone would be wearing a sandwich board advertising a restaurant.
Is no one else on this board watching the Sopranos?
I used to watch it from time to time, But only for the intro. (Good Music)
you should definitely hold out a little longer, the show is definitely worth it.
Wow, this thread was alot like this season, started off strong...ended slooooooooooooooooow
Speaking of Soprano's, I heard that this is the last season on HBO and that they were going to make any future seasons for regular TV. Anyone else heard that? That would be a waste IMO and would be better just to can it. You can't censor Soprano's....
Right now the only thing I can find definite proof of is that after this current break there will be 8 more episodes which are slated to be the "Final eight" there were rumors of a TV show, but they are dismissed and claimed to be because the show was originally slated for TV and was refused. There were also claims of a movie detailing Jr Soprano and Tony Soprano's fathers time in the spotlight. The rumors of a movie have also been squashed.
I also heard that there will be 8 final episodes.
I thought this last season was horrible.
2-3 shows were good/OK
The rest were boring and not very entertaining.
I'm glad Vito finally got killed. I was complaining that Vito had much too big of a role this season. He is creepy.

I hope the final 8 are alot better than this season.
It's going to be a long wait for those final 8 episodes, I can't understand the logic behind this. To me it seems like it is actually annoying more people and chasing them away, rather then making them salivate and want more. I know they are hoping to sell the DVD seasons etc, but it just seems counterproductive.
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