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Please tell me what you think of my idea...

Would you join this forum if it went up?
Definately, I would use it a lot!!
 25%  [ 2 ]
Would sign up but not use it too much...
 0%  [ 0 ]
I probably would sign up
 25%  [ 2 ]
I might join...
 50%  [ 4 ]
Probably won't join
 0%  [ 0 ]
Definately won't sign up, but think its an OK idea...
 0%  [ 0 ]
Definately won't join!! Hate idea!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 8

Hi everyone,
Im not sure if this is the right forum to put this in, sorry if it isn't...

Anyway, I am planning to put a forum site up but im not sure what topics. I have thought this idea might be good...I would like to have a forum system where there is no main topic everything is centered around and there are forums on a lot of things (i will probably emphasise on hobbies). I was thinking of having some sort of trading system with a mod like frihost's $FRIH system. For example, any member can "sell" a picture, website template, article, story/poem or tutorial etc. They will get a certain amount of money depending on its size, demand and quality.

I will create a sort of database of these items and have them for sale so members can buy them to read them, download them etc. There would also be a market place for services.

I'm not certain it would be popular or work. Please tell me what you think, any changes or additions. I would really like to get something up soon!!

Also, please answer the poll above to wether you might join or not.

If the site goes up I will run a naming contest so watch out for that!

This is very valuable feedback to me so please don't give me useless comments.

Thanks in advance,
It sounds like an okay idea, but the main problem I see with it is that it would not have a main topic. Without focus, a website, forum, advertisement, or even life in general, falls flat. I would want to see a niche audience that your forum caters to. That will get you lots of repeat visitors, and people who are excited about what your site has to offer.
Overall, I suggest against trying to meet all an user's needs--it's impossible! However, if you speak to one need and focus in on it, that will bring you the greatest return.

Hope that helps!
It's really good idea. I've already thought about it and started to relise it few months ago.
The most serious problem - users! Without them forum is dead. Millions of admins' posts wouldn't help.
To GB: you're right. Without main point forum will be like messed up topics, centered in one place...
Need some work and planning, but I'd be curious to check it out and see how benefitial it would be for everyone!
Thanks everyone for the feedback! It has been great. I agree with the topic thingy just hobbies is too broad. I might do it on article/magazine/website design and software...if you know what i mean. Im not sure whether that would appeal to my visitors, but I can easily change it if nessicary.

I will run a naming competition, im hoping I will get a few more replies but i will try it anyway.

I will give you guys the link when i have made it.

Here is the link...
Thanks so much!
According to me, it's an awesome idea!!!! I will definitely sign up and probably help you in the naming as well. I know that this will be a big hit in the nar future!
So you want to get some money and make others also earn some.
What sort of material is about to be sold? Have you already things to be sold? What kind? Is there a solid trusty team?
Are you really expecting the consumers tell you what they need? Better find yourself something they will enjoy and really promote that.
There must always be a start engine (a product), then other ideas may roll.
This project is aimed just to buy and sell? Perhaps you can incorporate contests, games,news, ... to entertain people, to make them happy and also (perhaps more important) to trigger their mood to visit your site.
I don't know if I told you anything new, just my opinion.
Have nice dollars, pardon me, have a nice day!
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