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My new sig - by me

Just got the new Adobe Photoshop CS2 and finally made a sig.

I'm just a noob at this digital graphics area, but what do you think?
It looks good, for a noob you have created a nice one.
The more you play with those programs the more you learn. There are so many things you can do with such programs, but the most important part is to visualize the final product and work your way up to that.
I think that's the most difficult part of it. When people ask me to make a banner or a sig i make cool ones cuz they tell me what they want, so that's easy, but to come up with something unique and cool for myself i have more trouble with, cuz i always want it to be perfect and im never satisfied... Rolling Eyes
It's nice Smile
I've updated it!

It was displayed quite ugly for people with their poor Internet Explorer.

Now it's in JPG and the 'eddie head' is inside.
I've also added 2 new effects to his head.

Check it out:
lol its good for a beginner..but try to add more color or keep it simple like mine.. Cool
Thanks, I'll try to improve it more Smile
It's about average for a beginner. I know it's very tempting, but try to use mutiple filters sparringly.
I think it would look better in colour maybe with some silver shiny-ness.
Try adding a small border to it. Even a simple border like mine could improve things a lot.
The text is awesome, I really like the caligraphy aspect of it, but I must say, that face/mask thingy is really stupid. It is 3D (I can't think of the term, but it started with an "e" and kinda looks like "embryo," but it means 3D), but the caligraphy theme makes it seem like the mask should be a little more rustic and weathered and not modern. But it is your choice, maybe you like it like that.
jeffsolodky wrote:
The text is awesome, I really like the caligraphy aspect of it, but I must say, that face/mask thingy is really stupid.

Eddie is not stupid !
He's as un-stupid as can be. Very Happy

btw, nice sig Helios ... anything with eddie is nice (even in monochrome) Wink
Dude you call urself a noob??????

Thats an awesome sigi...
I like the sig but the h looks a bit like a b . Maybe you should use a capital H ?
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