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all the maps of mario bross in a single image

all the maps of mario bross in a single image

Extract from:

Q. When are you going to finish mapping whatever?

I map in fits and starts and haven't done any in about a year. Also I'm currently planning a pretty big move across country, so it will probably be a while.

Q. Will you map whatever for me?

Mapping takes several weeks of hard work to complete, so it's not a trivial task at all. Additionally, some games are much harder to map than others. 3D games are almost always difficult or impossible to map without learning some hardcore 3D graphics programming. The availability of map editors and good cheat codes makes the feasibility of mapping much greater, but even then it depends on the type of game. Because of all these reasons I usually only map games I have a real personal fondness for. So I don't really take requests, sorry. Here are some games I have at least some interest in mapping, but don't take this as any firm plan.

Super Mario Bros. 3
Final Fantasy III
Q. Can I put your maps on my website?

A. No, sorry. I prefer to keep my maps on my website so that I can update them when needed. Besides, I enjoy the traffic and feedback. But you're free to download the images for your own use. Ain't nothin' wrong with that. Likewise, you're welcome to link to my pages, but do not link directly to the images.

Q. I found a mistake. Should I tell you?

A. Yes! Please email me with details of what I missed. Despite my best efforts I do miss things, especially hidden items and such.

Q. Where can I find more game maps?

A. If I'm not making the maps myself the two sources I use are and GameFAQs is more text info on games (walk-throughs and such) but has the occasional map of item locations and such.

Q. How do you make these maps?

A. For many I use an emulator and take screenshots of the game and then piece them together into one big map in Photoshop. This is a very long process. Sometimes I find a ROM editor that helps me grab larger chunks of the map at once and see hidden map elements but I still tend to use a lot of screen captures to supplement that source. There's no trick or shortcuts to mapping. It takes forever, but the results are worth it

and sorry if this is spam Rolling Eyes
thats crazy but cool at the same time.

must have taken hours and hours to make Shocked
So, that's the entire point of this forum? Not very...useful, is it?
Whoa thats pretty cool to see a whole game at a glance. I remember playing Mario bro's for hours trying to beat it lol
I love these things. With some editing, game maps make great desktop wallpapers.
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