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Roam Drive (hotmail, msn, gmail):D

RoamDrive Is a Patent-pending application that simplifies the prosess of using your web-based e-mail to store files. You can now make use of extra storage in your inbox to store your favorite documents, music photos, videos , and more. What's great about RoamDrive is that not only does it tie into your existing e-mail account but you're also able to access your files from anywhere you can acces your e-mail! just configure the RoamDrive client on the machine You Want to acces your files, and you're ready to go.
it's easy to install, easy to use, and as secure as your web e-mail provider. so what are you waiting for?

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excuse if this is spam Very Happy

Animal wrote:
It's only spam if you don't use quote tags
Thank for sharing. I will try it now Very Happy
The idea of using your Web mail as a hard drive is not revolutionary. From the start of gmail there was a possibility of using its as a hard drive.

It is an easy way to use your Web mail as mobile storage. But the functionality is limited by you up and download speeds. If you have a slow connection. It is a really annoying to pick up or to store files. Also if you want to access to drive on a computer that does not have the necessary software, you have to browse through a lot off junk. Another problem is a limited size of attachments on most Web mail. This can be solved by cutting large files into smaller pieces. But then again you can't ask his does files on a computer that lacks the software.
For hosting files there are better places... for example. 1 gb limit on upload size (Gmail is at 10mb I believe). Also, its interface is that of a download website, not an e-mail program.
is this legit? anyways im been trying to find a program to upload to my gmail...
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