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Server 1 crash

As you might have noticed Server 1 crashed a few days ago causing this forum and all accounts on the server to be down.

The second server was not affected at all.

It was not a hardware crash (at least that I know of), but the file structure being completely corrupted at the root levels causing the server not to boot again and also the data not being able to be simply transferred.

So now the server is up again (for quite a while actually) on a different hard disk, with the old one slaved.

The problem was that the data on the second hard disk wasn't mountable due to the file system problems. After a lot of trying, I managed to repair it a bit and finally mount it. This is why it took so long. The server was already up since yesterday (saturday) morning.

However, the root directories are all gone, including the config files (settings) like passwords and usernames. This means that I won't be able to simply move the data back and you won't notice anything.

The plan is that you will all get a new account. The files will be moved to your new account and the databases will also be set up again. The only thing you will need to do is create a new user for each database with the same username/password as it had before. You will be able to find it in the config files and I'll make a tutorial about it.

Parked and addon domains will also need to be setup again.

Are there any files lost or not were they should belong? Yes, but not on all accounts, most likely only on a few 'busy' ones like this forum (9 directories were gone in the /forums/ directory). The databases seem to be intact, though.

The avatars were not backed up since a long time and hence a lot of them were lost. I hope you still have a copy of them. Not that this is so important, though. The avatars can now be re-uploaded in the profiles.

Please don't create any support questions about this at the moment. I will create a few topics about it.

My apologies for the long downtime.
The accounts will be recreated by me. I hope to finish them either monday or tuesday. Unfortunately I am the only one able to restore them (to recover the files and also the cpanel username needs to be exactly the same as it was), so that's why it can take up to 2 days.

Please do not fear about your files and databases. Most accounts seem to be completely intact, the same for the databases. Only a minority will have a few directories missing in their account and most likely they will be easily replaced.

Edit: most accounts will be created on tuesday, it takes a bit longer than expected to create an account and move all the files/databases. My apologies for the delay.
Change the permissions

How to change the permissions of a directory, in this case change the avatars directory with cpanel to 777 in order to be able to use that directory for the avatars.

-Go to your file manager. (ftp client should have that option too)
-Click on the file or directory, in this case the directory /<phpbb>/images/avatars/.
-On the right(top) you will see "Change Permissions".
-Click on it.
-Change the permissions to the correct values. In this case 777, meaning you need to check all boxes.
-Click on change.

--> The permissions should have been changed.
Make a user for each database

Every database needs to be accessed by a user. The users are now gone, so we'll need to recreate them.

Your installation/forum/software still has a configuration file with the username/password of that user. It is named config.php or something similar. It should contain the hostname, database name, username and password. The last two are important. The database name to know which database it is.

The username will be in the format <YourCpanelUsername>_<DatabaseUsername>. It's the part after the "_" that's important.

-Now go the mysql page in cPanel.
-Click on mysql to go to the mysql page.
-Fill in the username and password, only the last part, the <YourCpanelUsername>_ will be added automatically to identify you.
-Click on add user.
-Under the right database, click on add user to database with the right database and user selected.

--> Your forum/cms/software should now work and not give an error anymore.

-->Of course you can also make a new password/username, but you will also need to change it in the config file(s) of your software/forum/cms.
Topics about the server crash (if you lost important databases/files) (domain problems) (file permission problems)
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