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Low Profile Edition Of graphics Card?


I was browsing for some graphics cards when i came across Low Profile graphics cards that were smaller.

I just wanted to know if there is a performance difference compared to the same model that is not a Low Profile card.

could you give us a link to these low profile cards

I would guess if they were the same chip set and same memory size they should be very similar core speed or something my differ.

the link is

You want to buy a 9250??? I shouldn't do that. Try to find 9600 for a good price. Much more performance. Doesn't cost that much more.

That low profile. I don't know about that but it would probably be the same as a normal one. Or just ask Google for information about it Wink

lol cya
Boles Roor
All them cards that are smaller have performace loss. Usually because of locked pipes.

Boles Roor said something about locked pipes? what do you mean?

Locked pipes = Less pixel pipelines = signifigant performance drop.

Why would you need a low-profile card anyways?

well you see, my motherboard doesn't have an AGP slot so i'm restricted to PCI graphics cards only. I know it is outdated (and so everyone tells me), I don't plan on to doing a complete major upgrade cos i havent got cash (i'm a student).

anyway, i found that card quite cheap second hand $30 AUD, so yeah, i'm not complaning.

oh yeah, i had a look at the full size version one compared to this Low Profile version, they both had 4 pixel pipelines. the only thing that the low profile lacks is the 64bit memory thing.

Boles Roor
Well, it's not a bad card for PCI only, I doubt you'll find any better. As for the memory, you won't be able to do any gaming with either, so yeah, I think you're fine with this one.
'Low profile' means that it was made for tiny computer cases in which a full-size card would not fit. There should be little difference other than physical size, so unless your case is extremely diminuative, you should stick with normal cards.
Low profile or half-height cards theoretically have no performance losses except possibly because of the lesser pipelines (NOT EVERY MODEL!!!). They're generally built to go with SFF cases such as Antec Minuet (a beauty) where the case height can't accomodate a full video card.

Very few cards available, fewer usable Wink
Remember What you pay is what you get. Cheapest Price = Cheapest Preformance. But unless your only going to use it less graphic intense things go for it.

But I always recommend to go for brand name that can be trusted such as ATI or NVIDIA since you know your getting quality and their products are always backed by them while less know products arent always the case.
Well, you haven't really said what you plan on doing with the new graphics card, but there were some PCI cards made up through nVidia's FX line, such as this 5700. I have that chipset for a good while, though on agp, and I'd recommend it.
i agree with one of the earlier posters, i would not recommend the 9250 if anything go with AT LEAST the 9600 unless you know how to do some serious overclocking to the 9250 your not gunna be happy with it.

Back on topic though, the slim ones are usually just smaller boards, i have a 5500 slim card and the only difference from the regular one is that its smaller...other than the performance is the same.
An update to my other post above, i think i may have found the actual difference, but someone may need to check this for me.

I looked at my card just now cuz i was switching out some components anyway, and noticed that on my card there are memory chips on the underside of the card as well as on top of it, could this be what makes it a slim card? Instead of putting all the memory on the top of the card, they put a few on the bottom so that it isnt so wide maybe?
Neg, they do that with many cards.

Sometimes they reduce the size of the GPU, reducing pixel pipes. These can sometimes be unlocked, but they may have artifacts, and thus be worse. Often though, the slim card will simply be longer and have a similar surface area (I read that somewhere a few days ago, forget where)
It seems that when Nvidia or ATi come out with a new card they come out with a cheap editson soon after. If you visit the charts at Toms Hardware guide you can see that they really really really SUCK. A radion 9250 is really equal to a Radion 7x card. Nvidia does the same thing. Like when they came out with the 6800 and 6600 cards, soon after the 6200 type of cards came out and my old 4200 beats the 6200, thats how much they suck. In your case you seem to only have two options, ATi 9250 and Nvidia 5x. But really there are a lot of different type of boards, make sure you get the editon. Check the charts.

And try to get a new Motherboard, come on.
well i need a low profile card becouse iv got 1 of thse realy small "compaq evo" computers that only suports low profile and as for the 9250 you can do a hole heap of gamin if you have 512mb or more ram you can play F.E.A.R

and that card is realy good in the reliablity aspect were did you get it from iv been looking for a low profile ver of that for monthes (iv got the normal version in my other pc)

in by the way im in au7stralia so name any store/website/secondhand place
The amount of Memory doesn't matter as much as the clock speeds, and pipelines. Just check the charts at TomsHardware.

well, which one os better? the old 8500 or the 9250 radeon from ATI?

and is there a performance hit with lower pixel pipelines compared to one with more?

sunjay wrote:

well, which one os better? the old 8500 or the 9250 radeon from ATI?

and is there a performance hit with lower pixel pipelines compared to one with more?


Radeon 8500 was renamed to 9100 so 9250 is better.
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