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Rap Battles

At my site -, we have some rap battles in the forum at If you wanna be a part of these rap battles, visit the forum or the official section at

I've quoted an example of one of my rhymes, a simple 16 bar:
cribmaster wrote:
when i get up, the crowd roars in anticipation
'cos they know my rhymes are tighter than severe constipation
but when you get on stage, silence drops like a bomb
they know your spits are whack, each line is wrong
see you'll never stand up to me, my lines too well built
you'll never rise above me, even if you bought stilts
so you're the underdog, and you still want to battle me?
if i needed to, i could spit to whole diction'ry
your rap will take all day, you're a disgrace, the answer
half an hour i'm making rhymes that are sicker than cancer
my lines are genius, i'll never stop, never fail
you drop a rap at a party and make everyone bail
the bet i put in was actually more like a fine
'cos when i'm through with you, 500 crib$ will be mine
your spit will be so whack, heres a helpful suggestion
rename yourself: the answer? it's more like the depression

Or, if anyone would like do do a little 8 bar here, just drop a name. But I won't go 16 against anyone here (but I will on my forum), I just can't be bothered.
that is the most sad Rap/Hiphop site i've ever seen.. no offense, but it's too grey... if you want like a new design or something hit me up..
Sorry man, but I couldn't hear that "rap battle shit" even more!
Why is everybody doing rap battles an such things, and than even on the internet Question
I mean it could be funny in clubs and bars but why are we confronted eveywhere with that sh.... Question
I mean ok, I listen to HipHop too, but first only to a very few part to comercial one and than I like the music and dance to it and go to clubs and such, how I think "normal" things, but must you put it on the internet, and then even the commercial one? Wink Wink

PS: do you guys know capone (the mexican one, not the caponEE fake!)
I think he makes great and non-commercial rap!

so far, peaZe

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