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LCD vertical lines

My computer is quite new (3months), but the LCD started showing a line of blue, then also a line of magenta. Other lines sometimes also appear. What is this? Help appreciated.
3 months? You still got your waranty on it? Just inform where you bought it. Well that's what I would do. Cya
well, your lcd is screwed... Rolling Eyes, check the warranty as said above.
Check the plug into the computer, and check that no electric motors, high voltage power cords, flourescent lights, et cetera are very close to the monitor cable. If that dosen't fix it, replace it.
My LCD is of a laptop and the number of lines is growing. This looks almost like a rainbow at times. And I spent 2100 euros for that.
Computers are made to throw away but I thought mine wasn't included.
Have you tried the thing with the warranty? I mean, 2100 is not very cheap, and this is the easiest way!

That´s important, too: If you try to repair it, there won´t be any warranty!
My suggestion sell r lcd and buy a crt. I know CRT doesn't look as gud as LCD but CRT runs longer and no color prob.
I went to the place I bought the laptop. I got no answers about this problem. They just told me to leave with them the laptop. Now I can't put there the laptop - only at Easter holidays.
Sound like it might be a problem with the video card to me. It might not be the LCD. In either case you need to use the warranty. Any tampering you do will void it. You only get a warranty once.
The easiest way to check if it's the screen or the video card is to hook the laptop up to an external screen CRT/Projector/LCD using the output port provided at the back of your laptop. You may have to change the otput method on the laptop to send the signal to the external screen. (Usually a keystroke combination involving the Function key - Fn).

If you get the lines on the external monitor it's your video card, if not it's the screen. Either way it's back to the shop.
I used a projector and everything is normal. Only the LCD is showing these vertical tiny lines.
Other thing happens: If I move the LCD (angle of view), the number of lines change so this sounds to be a bad connection between the computer and the lcd.
Back again with my laptop. The problem was not with the video card. The LCD was just changed. I used the warranty, so Fujitsu took the laptop and after 2 weeks I'm back on the business.

Anyway thanks for all the answers and for trying to help.
Maybe you should read your pc manual again...
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