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Mature Students?

Just wondering how many mature students there are out there if any.
If it's you, what made you go back to education? What are you studying?
Does age make it harder or easier to both to return to the educational environment and to study?
Are you considering going back?

As a mature student myself I would be really interested to hear the views of others.
I made my BSc at the age of 27. It's not a lot, but this year (I'm 29) I want to start an MSc. I don't think age really matters. Everything depends on the community, and your interests.
i still young,but i thing they come back to scool just for making the time pass so slow,
I got a BSc in Molecular Pathology and Human Genetics at 29 years old. I am currently not working in that field and at 34 am preparing for the SCJP and SCJD java exams. IMHO, mature students have an avantage over the average younger person because they tend look at the study and its associated costs as being an investment in a career. From my exp of younger students they tend to look at University as a social event rather than a place of learning. Please keep in mind that this is just my 2 cents worth.
I too am a mature age student. I'm currently doing honours in linguistics at age 28. I spent 6 years full time in the work force before going back to study. I first studied marketing, which I saw as a career move, then went on to media as part of a BA. While doing that I discovered linguistics and fell in love. Ended up with a double major in media and linguistics.

Although I am still concsious of how I will earn off the back of my study I REALLY appreciate the skills I have learnt along the way. Critical thinking, a broad perspective and personal research skills will be of value to me in anything I do.

I think mature age students appreciate these skills more than just getting a bit of paper or good marks. Younger students are more likely to be at uni because it just the thing to do (not always the case). It doesn't hurt to experience the world outside of school/uni somewhere between study periods.

Thats my 20c anyway Very Happy
I got my first Degree when I was 30 (BSc Physics, Diploma in Education) and have added 2 more degree since BSc Computing and B Info Tech.

I never thought I would go to University as I am dyslexic and didn't learn to read until I was 16, but when I was 20 I was in a car accident. I them spent 5 yrs in and out of hospital. So that when I was 25 I didn't know what to do with myself and one of my friends suggested going to uni.

I applied (didn't expect to get in) but was accepted, loved every minute of it, so much so that while I was teaching I went back and did my second degree part-time and them my third by correspondence.

Am seriously thinking of doing another in Library studies

Just can not help myself Very Happy
Returning to study was the best decision I could have made. OK, I'm no spring chicken at 33 but its so much easier to learn now as its what I really want to do and I work harder as a result.
BSc Chemistry is the current mission but who knows if I'll go further with a Phd or something, learning is brilliant even if the money isn't the best!
It's never too late, and if it's something you really want to do, you'll succeed whatever it is - Chase your dreams Very Happy
I went back to studying after about 5 years working some of the worst jobs around and going back to study was the best thing I could have done but the thing is I think that if I'd done it straight from high school I wouldn't have made it through. As a teenager I had no motivation or real idea of what I wanted out of life. It took those few years of harsh reality to motivate me.
After realization that i have to go back to school and finished my 1 subject left academic program... 4-5 years out of school.. now i have my BS math degree!!!.. i got bored of student life that time. But i have no regrets because i also realized that there are much also to learn outside the four corners of the classroom.. i learned programming skills on a self tudy basis..
Citizen Kane
I'm practically 27 (in a month) and STILL studying. Next year starting august I'll be graduating for my bachelor in social studies, then I'll be a full fledged social worker. But after that I think I'll never quit studying, there'll allways be something interesting to learn, so I think I'll allways be a partime student. And happy with it!
I met some mature students on campus, and I dont think there is any thing not good about this issue. no matter about the age, people own the right of geting education and do whatever they want to, isnt it?
I'm not personally one, but I know a few.

I always find their perspectives on things refreshing.

From what I gather in talking to them:
- generally, they go back because of they want a change in career, or to upgrade what they have.
- age makes it both easier and harder. you'll probably find it easier to focus on your studies and get things done compared to your 'peers'. one comment my friend always makes is that she feels like she is babysitting when working on group projects simply because the younger group members are less mature and do not appreciate the learning process as much.
- environment wise - if you aren't too self-conscious, and really just aim to learn, I don't think you'll have a problem. and like what's been said, it really depends on the community you are in.
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