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What is the '' Easy MOD ""

Please I want to know about the Easy Mod and what is it use ful for and how can I manage with it

Thank you
It's a mod for phpbb that installs mods for you.
however noobie said its not really good. i think he's right. manual installing would be better Wink
The easymod works great, but only if you have the subsilver template.
If you install other templates then easymod can have problems with finding the right lines to place the modifications.Also when you have lots of language files it can have problems also. Cuz easymod tries to find certain lines in the files and if it can't find them it will give errors.
So if you use a lot of templates in your phpbb forum, then you should do it manually, but if you only work with the subsilver template it works great! here you can find the latest version of easymod and see links with manuals and stuff.
Good luck!

Correction on easyMod only works with subSilver, if you modify the installation files correctly (or take out the template part and then modify the template parts manually), it'll work Wink.
easymod is the best thing in the world for forum admins... if your trying to install an easymod compatable mod. easymod uses the intallation syntax that most people use, so if the person making the mod dosn't use that syntax, then easymod can't install the mod. also, make sure that the mod is compatable with your version of phpbb. if its for an older version, chances are it won't install, or won't work right.
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