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Blog or Forum? Opinions Please

Hi all,

I have just started building mywebsite and was thinking about putting in a blog but after reading a lot of the posts hear I was wondering that maybe a forum might suit my needs better or even both I'm not sure thats why I need your help.

This is the idea behind the site and this may help with your opinion for my site.

The idea is to have informative information on a number of topics relating to spiritual topics. I want people to be able to read whatever they want and either comment or discuss the topic even ask question that myself and others can help answer. This is the main purpose of this site to help others learn about spiritual topics they are interested in and get help if its needed especially for beginers.

Your opinions on what would suit my site better would be most helpful.


P.S The site is still underconstruction but A couple of pages are there to give you an idea as what its about. Opinions are most welcome.
Hello, just refer to put blog rather than forum,.
On a forum you can see more easily your people... On a blog anyone want to comment can come...
So I prefer forums... Wink
And the forums are more interactive than a blog. The forum is like more profesional. Well thats my opinion. Forums Rule! (More than a blog).
Well i my self does not feel easy with the blog system. That kind of seem disorganized to me so i myself prefer forums over blog.
Why Don't you just put both?
If you are so confused, you should just put both and then see for yourself which one's better.
That's the smartest thing to do!
It would be better if you just put up a forum. A blog tends only to highlight the topic or whatever you posted on that day, not unless your readers would want to scroll until the bottom of your page and dig in to your archives. A blog usually concentrates on one topic. So it would really be better if you just put up a forum. Smile

Goodluck! Smile
Try using a forum. Then. you will know more about the users. Also, they will want to come back when an interesting topic is brewing.

They can also post new topics, which I dont think is possible with a blog where they can post only their comments.

It will be more professional.
Forums, no contest.

I find blogs stupid(no offense). Who really cares what you had for breakfast or whatever? Forums are more interactuve and will allow you to get to know your userbase.
It all depends what type of content you want to put up in your site. If it is more of information that you yourself will put up on a regular basis with some inout from other regular visitors then a blog is more appropriate. but if you want more involvement from your visitors and encourage discussiona then a forum will be apt.

But the disadvantages are that a forum often does not have a default frontpage and may put off visitors unless they know that your site uses a forum. On the other hand a blog is more personal and therfore more presentable. If you want both of them then create a blog and have a in the frontpage to your forum. Wink

If you planning to make an income from this, then i suggest you go with a Blog and have Google Adsense in it !! Google Bots just love blogs too !! Very Happy

But if you are interested in building a community and make friends i suggest you go with a forum !! Cool
I'd say forums. People who want to spam have to register. Then if they do spam you can ban them... Smile. Actually, I just find them easier to use. Simple, easy, beautifully wonderful. Blogs seem disorganized.
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