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Dark Side of The Moon / Wizard of Oz

So on March 6th me and my flatmate celebrated what we have come to know as Classic Rock Day.

Inevitably we eventually got round to listening to Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd and I asked my flatmate if he new whether the rumours about it syncing up to The Wizard of Oz were true. He'd never heard the rumours, and we decided to investigate.

While we've not yet checked it out ourselves, I was just wondering if anyone who had tried it actually thought that the similarities were intentional, considering that no member of Pink Floyd have admitted to this being the case.
hmm... i havent heard of that. but the sixth is my birthday! i should look into that, it sounds interesting.
yea i've heard it. someone's replaced the sound from the movie with the full album and put it into a torrent.

It works sorta. The scene changes line up within a few seconds, some are dead on, some are 5 seconds late or so. but it does work. very odd.
I've done it before. Well, a bunch of my friends did it and I watched. It's a pretty eerie phenom. When you do it correctly, everything will synch up. When the CD changes track, the movie changes the track at the same time. Or vice versa.

I think you have to start the CD on the third lions roar.
anyone herd dub side of the moon??

its a dub take on pink floyds album, its pretty damn fat
I haven't tried it but it sounds cool.

Found the instructions in Wiki

Apperently there is a couple of preconditions that have to be met.
XD I'll have to try this.
I did this for a friend it kind of worked but after the 2nd play of the cd it went way out of sync.
anxiety1 wrote:
anyone herd dub side of the moon??

its a dub take on pink floyds album, its pretty damn fat

yeh this is a classic album!

haha the bong waters at the start of money- insance
Yes, it does seem to be synced. The synchronizations are uncanny. It will really freak you out if you get it synced just right. I have a video on my computer that is the wizard of oz, with DSOTM synced perfectly to it. It's really weird. You really have to see it. Some synchronizations to look for (listen for) are:

On the Run starts just as Dorothy falls into the pig pin
Chimes of clocks in "Time" when the witch comes on screen on her bike
Great Gig in the Sky plays during tornado
Cha-Ching of Money Starts when she opens the door and sees Oz
All the little people dance to the rythim of Money.

I dunno how anybody discovered this... too much time on their hands I suppose. Do some research, you'll probably find more interesting such. A simple google search would reveal alot.
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