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AMD 24 pin power supplies, stability issues?

I just recently assembled a new Athlon dual core system .
Athlon XP4400+ dual core cpu
MSI K8N Neo4 Plat Nforce4 mb
Saphire Radeon X850XT PCIe video card.
2gb of Corsair LL matched ( 2 ea 1gb) ddr ram
2 ea 250 gb WD Sata Hard drives

I have not overclocked the system yet, all running at default settings. I
did up my memory voltage slighty to see if that would help, it has not. I
also upped my vcore slightly.

I am having some stability issues. About once or twice a day, my machine
will just lock up. I have to press the power switch and hold it in, to get
the machine to shut down, then reboot. It seems to usually happen when I am
browsing the internet or reading newsgroups. Has not happened while playing
a game yet, but, I don't game but about a couple hours a week.

It did it this evening when I booted it after getting home, then after
shutting down and rebooting, it went through a checkdisk and corrected some
errors. It did it last weekend, and would not boot, said it was corrupt,
and I ended up having to do a repair install of XP Pro.

Heat is not an issue, my system temp is around 28c, cpu temp at idle is 32c,
under load the highest I have seen is 40c.

I am baffled by what is happening. I did a complete new clean install of XP
Pro SP2, and have all updates.

I am using an Antec True Power 530 watt power supply, but it is the 20 pin
( plus 4 ) connector, and the power connector on the motherboard

Rolling Eyes
Boles Roor
I rather think it is your harddisk failing then your PSU. I've had my data corruped too, with about the same specs as you have. I had to RMA it. Works like a dream now.
since it's a new system, check to make sure all the cables are secure. I had a loose cable for the reset button, that caused random restarts for weeks, before i figured out what was wrong. (Only about 3mm out of place) Rolling Eyes good luck.
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