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iTunes 6.0.2 (Look at this topic now, new music program)

This is the new version of iTunes. This program search your computer and findout what kind of music do you want. Then it searches the internet and suggest you musics you are interested in. you can download this program from Apple's website.
decard cain
This stuff looks pretty cool, but theres this feeling I get, that could some form of computer programs developing a mind. Oh yeah the only reason i metioned that was because I watched the ghost in the machine X files files episode last night, but still it looks like a useful program, since you don't have to spend endless hours looking for the songs you like.
iTunes suggesting music to me.... no thanks!

that sort of direct marketing is just over the top.... kudos to apple for placing the ipod/itunes so well in the market - but come on, being told what music you would like to buy from apples music store,

too much.

and as for spending hours on looking for music... if you don't want to search for the music you love listen to the radio you can be spoon feed crap for free.

mainstream music has already become a marketing exercise and this is just adding to the circus (top 40).
This guy is just talking about itunes. Some mod should lock this before more people dignify it.
what will they think of next. It seems companies are always after to find ingenuise ways to make a quick buck.
Purgatorios wrote:
This guy is just talking about itunes. Some mod should lock this before more people dignify it.

Yeah, but we are hijacking it to complain!

Suggest music for me? I don't think so, the tech so far sucks and badly. Amazon books and Yahoo tunes are both examples of this sort of thing and so far I have yet to be offered a reasonable "suggestion". If you look through my tunes you will find almost every genre you can think of. but I'm very selective within the genres. Same with books over at Amazon.

Throw in the problems some folks have had in upgrading iTunes, and I think I'll just skip any upgrades until forced...

I love the idea of the iPod, but the iTunes program is a stinker, IMHO.

Last time I upgraded iTunes, I lost all my playlists and rating....Grrrrr. ITunes answer was for me to make backup copies of the itunes library files and copy them back in after the upgrade. This is a final version of a program? iTunes is a pitiful piece of software.
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