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Store all your data on Google servers


The 900-pound gorilla in the search space is apparently developing a service that will allow users to store every scrap of data from their computers' hard drives on Google's servers.

The announcement sparked many questions about trust and privacy, as well as how Google would manage to turn a profit from offering storage to the masses.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation also issued a warning stating that using Search Across Computers opened the door for personal or corporate information to be accessed by law enforcement via subpoena.

GDrive seems to be a storage service capable of, according to the speaker's notes, storing 100 percent of a user's data on Google's servers and turning personal computers into temporary data caches.

"First, they have a tendency to do things at much larger scale than others; note the impact that GMail's 2G limit had on the existing online mail products," he said.

"Second, GDrive appears to be part of a much broader and bolder plan to move all of your data online, as indicated in the other notes in the Google analyst day slide deck." Source

Store all your data on Google servers. Then you can access all your data from anywhere. also, this service named Gdrive can compromise your privacy and can open your data to viewable by anyone google wants. what do you think of this ?
I definitely do not want my personal data to be accessed by every one !
It's a good idea, as long as you don't store personal information for all to see.
i am a student of computer science and latelly we've been having conversations about this matter (and we had not heard of gdrive)
this is the general tendency in computer technology for now and for the near future. it's really good for your data, as you'll never need to backup anything in the future.
many times my hard disks and backup cds have failed me and i lost my data but i've never seen google lose their data, so i began sending emails to my google account with data that i never want to lose attached..
as a great man once said Very Happy :
"Real men don't use backups, they post their stuff on a public ftp server and let the rest of the world make copies."
- Linus Torvalds

on the privacy matter things are also good. currently when you send emails unencripted they too can be easily read accross the net. this would seem unsafe but statistics show that the processing power that is needed from someone "bad" to search through it and find something really private of yours is science fiction (for now). many have tried this (the american goverment for once as rumored) but it costed much and had no results at all

also the whole story goes even more far..
online services Idea
when you want to write a document, why having to install word (or another word processor) on your pc when you can use an online word processor?
as internet lines get cheaper and hardware allowes easy creation of huge servers (like the google ones) in the near future we could just have a dummy terminal at home that would just show and process our data using online services like editors, movie players. so don't only have the data online, but the service (program) itself too!

internet is currently capable of things a few years ago we could never imagine and infomation technology is doing it's best to take a turn towards "getting online"
I for one wouldn't store anything there I couldn't afford to lose. Google is indeed getting very large and some of it's [newest] offerings of service are quite tempting, but this GDrive doesn't sound like anything that will replace a good old fashioned system backup to disk or dvd. Besides, who really knows how long the Free Google gravy train is going to last? There was another post in these forums about how Yahoo! and Aol were going to start charging users of thier services...since GMail is still in the beta stages, who can say that Google may not just be giving out free accounts while in beta to build up thier client database and then switching to a paid service format once out of beta? I have not read anywhere that they have plans on never charging users at anytime. I won't even go into the inherent security issues of storing your data online.

My opinion...enjoy it while it lasts, but use caution, they are a business after all and if you become to reliant on them and thier free services, you may be setting yourself up for a serious let down.

Better safe than sorry....just my opinion.
i relly don't think that google would start charging their gmail or any other service. they have a finantial system that allows them to make ALOT of money even if their services are free.
so starting to charge for it would make many people stop using it and they would probably lose a lot of their reputation which is a great thing and it's the reason they are getting close to overtopping microsoft itself

of course you have a great point about caution. internet can easily become a cannon in a child's hand...
Asl long as my internetprovider cannot garantee service 100% of the time, I would be reluctant to be dependant on the internet to retrieve my own information.
The advantages of these on line services (word processors etc.) that Eirc mentions cannot see. I have a word processor installed (who doesn't), so why use these very slow no-feature-at-all on-line services.
This seems like a good idea, but i wouldnt want people reading and viewing my private things.

Oh yah, when you send an email, it would be already stored on google's server/ Who knows, maybe they sell the information like some other people do.
If I remember correctly, GDrive was based on your GMail account and it wasn't exactly the greatest thing ever. It was a third party program and it was very buggy and had many limitations like a 10 megabyte file size limit and limited number of characters in your filenames. And 3 gigabytes wasn't exactly enough to store all your data. I'm not sure if this article is talking about the same thing or what...
Personally im undecided on this. Its a good idea, and its obvioulsy gonna be how things work in the future. Complex heavy server coupled with low end cheap client machines. And I guess someone has to take the first step and lead the industry this way, and this seems what google is doing. Yes there will be skeptics about how private your data is etc. But i think soon enough we'll all start trusting it, just like you trust your bank not to give out your details tothe world. How many of you do online banking? See what i mean.

Actually I'm not a brave guy,
I will not put anything there.

If someone hack Google and take all ppl's info ,
who should I go to ask for help?
HL9881 wrote:
Actually I'm not a brave guy,
I will not put anything there.

If someone hack Google and take all ppl's info ,
who should I go to ask for help?

It's not just hackers you need to worry about. Who's to say that Google itself may not sell your info? It has happened before and will happen again. Everyone talks of trusting Google but they all seem to forget that it [Google] is a large company and is driven by profit. How many people out there trust big networks like television, the phone company, oil companies, drug manufacturers...this list goes on and on, but they all have one thing in common with Google....they are out to make money. The moment the profit margin starts to decline for Google watch how fast some of these "free" services either dissappear or become paid services without warning.

Open your eyes people, Google is not doing all this just to become your next best friend. It's an investment to build a client base that they can later sell either items or services to, or sell the client base itself to other big companies....the same way AOL sells thier user database in the form of mailing lists.
Great ... i don't think that google will allow anyone to access the personal data ... if there is something about anti terrorism policy you're right they'll do it and i think it's they're right .. but i think terrorists are more genius to put their data on a public server ... but for me ... i don't think there's anything on my computer valuable for google to risk and access them without any permission .so i'm goin to use it !!1
very touchy topic! i sure don't want other people to gain accesss to the files in me computer and i mean it's not gonna be long before the servers are hacked into and all the information extracted. although storing all the data on these servers means that if me computer ever crashes, i can get back all me files. for now, let's see how it works out!!!
I definitely do not want my personal data to be accessed by every one !

Seems me that Goggle wants to be the Alessandria's Bibliotheca of the XXI sec. but what happen if a big fire destroys everything? They will take the responsability for our loss of data?
enricoc wrote:
Seems me that Goggle wants to be the Alessandria's Bibliotheca of the XXI sec. but what happen if a big fire destroys everything? They will take the responsability for our loss of data?

I would assume they [Google] keep off-site backups of all thier critical data, as do most large companies. If that would include any data you trust them to keep/store for you, I really don't have a clue. I wouldn't think it would since it is a free service...maybe that's one of thier future paid services they have in mind. Again I have'nt a clue if that's what they have planned...but it seems like a reasonable assumption. I'm also very sure if you read the fine print in thier TOS it would state that they are not reasonsible for data loss...under any circumstances.
Thank you very much google but I'd rather let my computer be hacked by an expert and my personal data be taken rather than letting every third grade amateur know my bio-data online and free.

This service is certainly not for me. Evil or Very Mad
It would be good for some things. I would put some stuff up there. But there are some things just too personal. I have already been stealling bandwith from google Very Happy
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