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Pixar's Cars

So anyone know anything about this movie? The teaser trailer was totally bad, but I saw some show recently (don't remember what) which talked about the movie and it looked pretty good.

I believe they made this movie more for the boys in the audience than the girls Smile
I thought the teaser was cool. The drawings are really good. The way the car smiles showing his "teeth", I just loved it.

Hoping they wud come up with a classic like Toy Story or Finding Nemo.
Never heard of this.
Hope it turns out as good as the other pixar movies.
of course it'll be good because it's a pixar movie.. and i don't think there's anyway a pixar movie could be bad.. they invest so much money in having the best scripts possible that i don't think they could make a bad movie.

All i know about this is that larry the cable guy is doing the voice of the truck...
This concept is less than interesting, but it's Pixar, they know what they're doing.

Though this movie has become a lot less noteable since it is no longer the last Disney/Pixar film. I was hoping Pixar would be independent after this, but they got bought up.
Jayfarer wrote:
Though this movie has become a lot less noteable since it is no longer the last Disney/Pixar film.

Personally, I thought it was less noteable because of the subject matter. Apologies to all you talking car lovers out there.
^Yeah...Honestly not much interested in cars, smiling or not... Wink
I heard rumors of it to be some sort of short film about cars obviously.
alkady wrote:
I heard rumors of it to be some sort of short film about cars obviously.

Hmmm, I don't think it's going to be a short film, since Owen Wilson and Paul Newman are doing voices for it.

In fact, I'm positive it isn't, since it says it's a feature film here:

Now, what about that rumor that it's about cars....

I don't know why I bet against Pixar. The new trailer for the movie is here:

And I think it looks great! Mind you, I didn't think the Incredibles were, but this one looks like it follows the rest of Pixars best films.
Pixar does generally good. Iam looking dorward to seeing this one too.
Saw it, and for a racing fan, I thought it was pretty good... they had obvious american NASCAR references (dale earnhardt jr, darrell waltrip "cartrip", richard petty) then they had Indy (mario andretti) and my favorite of all was the italian tire guy and michael schumacker

note - I apologize for all my bad spelling above... Rolling Eyes
Hi all your sports fans and those who don't like sports!

Cars the movie, has just been released here in Australia and I went to see it just the other week. It is very funny, in the tradition of the best of Pixar going back to Toy Story.

The story itself is about a race car (voice of Owen Wilson), but there is a lot more to it than that. There is a good "kids" message that adults need to hear sometimes too.

But apart from all that it is a great laugh. There are some classic comedy moments which Pixar are well known for and they kick off with the pre-movie short film about one-man-bands.

If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend you do. I laughed all the way through and the animations and backgrounds are fantastic. For people like me who grew up on Silvester, Roadrunner and Bugs Bunny, etc, animations sure have come a long way and this one is worth seeing just to see that.

I would give it a 9.5 out of 10 - not to be missed!
I went and seen a about a month ago.

I dont thnk that this was Pixars best move, nor was the incredibles. I only think this because of its soundtrack.

Toy Story 1, 2 and Monsters Inc. had the best soundtracks I think and thats because they were all made by Randy Newman.

The movie itself is great though and the animation fantastic but the fact that it wasnt a Randy Newman ablum was the only thing that let it down
Actually I liked the soundtrack - but then I like most of the songs too.

I respect your right to a different opinion though.
It had an alright soundtrack but I think that the Toy Story 1, 2 and Monsters Inc had better ones because they contained orignal songs, whereas Cars had other pre-made songs so to say
Yeah I can understand that. And there are times when I would definately agree with you.

I suppose I enjoyed the movie so much overall I didn't really notice the music - which says to me it must have been OK because that is how the music should be in my opinion.

If the music stands out in a movie then it is either exceedingly good, or so awful it ditracts from the story. I guess the music of Pixar's previous films didn't do any more or less for me than that of Cars .. so it was a non-issue.

So your main beef was that the songs weren't original right?
Actually I didn't really think about the earlier ones being original - is Randy Newman popular in the US? (I'm from Oz)
Im from Australia too Smile
ylmun wrote:

Personally, I thought it was less noteable because of the subject matter. Apologies to all you talking car lovers out there.

If you think about it, the subject matter doesnt really give you an indication of how interesting the movie will be. Finding Nemo was about fish - potentially boring - but was great! I know that a movie like the Incredibles immediately says fun because of the subject matter, but that doesn't make it interesting either! You need an engrosing story to make something interesting, as well as good writers and of course good animation. Pixar have done all of this really well - and so I am sure that even though the subject matter could be boring - it wont be!

Im willing to bet on that! Lets hope it delivers
i think it's a good movie...
it's funny and the animation is perfect..
i think its personly going to be a good movie since it is from pixer
but i can't get over the fact that they can't blink its just like starring at a garden gnomes Confused
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