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i was wondering how these photos looked to you... i took them myself.

my favourite is the first photo Smile

which model of camera did you use? my favourite is the Canon EOS Digital SLR, because its easy to use, but still has many advanced features to create the perfect photograph Smile
i like the seaconddd she it amazingg... Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
thanks.. im getting a real camera soon those are taken with a crapy canon digicam.... still pretty good tho i guess... imagine what a real camera will get for me.

I LOVE THAT NEW REBEL... its such an easy camera....but the shots are great for the price.
Looks like somthing that would make a nice background. Could it be blown up to do that. Real good quialty work. I hope to do that some time Very Happy It looks like so much fun. Could you maybe take some like out in nature like with a deer or a creek.
here are the blown up photos... or a couple at least.. i didnt know who wnated them but the last person asked so anyone just.. go ahead and use my photos for whatever they arent really my most important pictures but if you want em use em...
I think the render is really professional Wink
Nice job Razz
Real professional quality pics. I liked the third one. It was so good. The yellow contrast to the background adds more value to the photo. Great pics. Continue posting those.
looks good. if you don't know what camera you're getting yet, i recomend the nikon d50 for an entry level digital slr. if i could, i'd buy one.
i like the pictures
i like photography myself too, and i think these are pretty professional
i like them Very Happy
Cool pics Very Happy .
I have a Sony Cybershot Cool Better than all yo cameras combined hehe. I like photography though
nice shots... i love them with a high quality... Very Happy
The yellow ones are really beautiful.
The main reason I liked is because there's many shadow intensities and you made use of the main light really well. It looks like a "kicker" or a "backlight", which gave some bright on the yellows and greens.
Definitively, this is a picture to study.

For the others, I suggest you take care about overexposure, trying to make your subject - the flower - to have more nuances. Try to close one or one 1/2 stop. Wink

Good luck!
did you use macro mode? may look better with 35mm lens. still prefer my non digi Nikon SLR... but sadly digi cams are all the rage and are much easier on the pockets...
Great photographs, nice light and setting. Try working on angles and getting some indoor shots.
They show you have a certain sensibility. you should expoit that.
Like everytuhing counsious practice is the key.

You could check out this masters for inspiration

Ansel Adams
Sebastiago Salgado

And the book "about photography" by Susan Sontag for some analisis about it.
The 4th pic; the yellow brown and dark background look great. Others are also good. I have a 5.1mp camera but i havent got a chance to go out and take some nice close ups. I'm a big fan of clear foreground and blury background or vise versa.

Does anybody ever tried selling pictures? Does it work?
did you do any retouches to these photos?

coz if you didn't then this is really good photography.

oh, try choosing a better looking pink flower next time Wink
I think i see a little bit of Photoshop in there. Even if you did you it, why not. You did buy it for a reason, so why not use it. My fav filter is the lens blur.

What's yours? Very Happy
Good eh.

I'm a photographer too but my photos...yucks...

Your photos seems very sharp.
Did you use any soaftware to edit them before?
I really like the little birdhouse you took, wow! I took a photography module and still take crappy pics, hahah. I hope I can get better though, it's something I really want to be at least alright in (not crappy!). Smile
An SLR camera makes a huge difference in the quality of pictures that are taken. You'll see when you get your camera. The field of depth is different, the picture contrast, basically everything. It's crazy what a larger apeture on a camera can do. My current equipment consists of the canon 30d and the 17-55mm lens. I'm still learning but I found this website that is super user friendly and fun. Photography is actaully more complicated than it seems, and it requires alot of practice and combinations of different settings in order to take great pictures. check out this website made by canon: .
Sorry kid, but i dont see what all the hype is about. I suppose flower photography isnt really my gig. You could mix up your subjects a bit. Its nothing i cant go outside and see. But they are good for what they are i suppose.
Why are we still on flowers, how about we'll post some other pictures. And see what other great talent we have.

Let post some Pics.

im goin 2 get into photography... nice pics by the way... i like to take pics of my car tho!!!!!

Hi, I spend far to much of my time looking at images, and far to hard at my computer screen.

Personally, Motoracer380, the photos you have are nice photos, the 2nd one of the yellow flowers and the final shot are your best compostions (sorry I don't know much about flowers). As pudovkin said there are some over exposure issues elsewhere and if you like this kind of photography maybe consider investing in a macro lens, you'll get much better detail and a crispness of shot, that I think you could easily achieve.

With the Digital SLR considerations; I work mostly on the post production side, but I do sometimes do my own shoots. At this point in the technological development I don't believe that Digital SLRs are worth the money, they need to get the image capture rate up and straighten out a few other technical issues before I'll invest in one. You'll find that cheaper more compact digital cameras will work just as well as many Digital SLRs of the moment, admitedly not many compacts have the capability of interchangable lenses but in my opinion you can only get the best results from film currently, although don't let any of this discourage you, you've certainly got some talent and an eye for a shot, develop that eye a bit more go for flowers which are open and if your camera will let you I would suggest dropping it down an Fstop, that may not work but if you are using digital it won't hurt to try it.

I'm still trying to work out what haris3 has taken a photo of, but I like it, lets see some more and I'll see about posting some of my own work.
They're really good. I like the first photo best.
they're ok, they're a bit basic and composition is the same in each one!

i recommend getting in closer with a macro lens, and take the photos in the morning or late in the day. the light in the afternoon is really harsh.
Photography looks to be a boom area with falling DSLR costs and more interest. I think the photos are good, I also wish to get into photography, the trouble is finding the time.
although the pictures of the flowers were nice I thought they were a little saturated? Not a lot on the highlights?

I didnt look at the histrograms yet but just my 2 cents...

course I dont have anything to upload so what does my opinion count LOL
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