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Fate Stay Night

What do you think of the Anime: Fate Stay Night?
 52%  [ 10 ]
 15%  [ 3 ]
 5%  [ 1 ]
Never seen it
 26%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 19

Anyone watching Fate Stay Night? It's a new anime released in Japan the first Thursday after Christmas. Heard it's good. Shocked

What do you think of it? Opinions?
I really like it, but then I'm pretty much a Type Moon fanboy, so my opinion may be biased. Very Happy

It is certainly good to see Rin & Saber animated though. I'm really looking forward to Geneon's eventual release of this.
I like how they're following the H-game perfectly until now. It's good to see Type-Moon making an effort after the disaster that was the Tsukihime anime.

Until now they're making a good, flowing mix of the game's three arcs. A lot of FATE (as expected, as it must be the ending they've picked for the anime), some UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS in the middle (I hope to see more of it soon!) and tiny bits of HEAVEN'S FEEL (this arc won't be touched so much, I believe, as the story would turn really dark and... well... certain important characters would be killed soon).

My only gripe is that they're shortening the battles a bit. Yes, I know it leaves more room for plot development and some stuff are a bit complex and need time to explain, but still...
I have not watched it but it looks good! I hope that it is good when i eventually get to in, in about a year... since my watch list is very long already Rolling Eyes

PS: yes i know that this is an old post, but i wanted to post on it anyways Very Happy
Since the above poster bumped this thread, I think I'll respond as well just cuase Fate Stay Night was an awesome anime!

Fate Stay Night is probably one of my favorite amines. There's great action and some drama, and the story was pretty interesting.
This anime is lame I dunno why it's popular.
Well I wouldn't say this anime is bad, but I wouldn't say its good either. The bad thing is that it misses archer's true identity. (Though it is hinted). Its a little bit better than the game though, since visual novels aren't really my thing.
Looks like there's gonna be a fate/stay night moive comming out around january and with it will be a re-edited and reproduced version of the series that will come out on dvd/blu-ray. I'd love to see the series again in high definition!

Check here for more info:
Lame lame lame... I would rather play the Visual Novel since it has hentai/sex scenes lol!
Hmmm, I thought it was alright. It seems to have undergone adaption degradation - I hear that the visual novel was much much better. In the anime, the plot premise felt unique and interesting, but it could have been delivered better.

Also, despite having noble ideals, I think Shirou is a lackluster character. He seemed like a tweed - needs much more GAR.

That aside, Saber x Rin = <3
Fate Stay Night is a cool anime, Although I believe that this anime came from an H-Game.
I recently started re-watching this series and I forgot how annoying the main character is. Still I really like this anime and I'm already half-way done with the series.
I haven't seen the anime though, but I've played the game, the arcade one, though i loved the character designs, i havent got the time to watch it yet, but based on your oppinions i think its a good series Very Happy i guess i better start rolling xd
very good i loved!!
dreamchaser wrote:
Fate Stay Night is a cool anime, Although I believe that this anime came from an H-Game.

It is!
dreamchaser wrote:
Fate Stay Night is a cool anime, Although I believe that this anime came from an H-Game.

Does that really matter? A lot of good shows comes from games that I do not recommend the playing of, but they are still good shows.

PS: I still have not watched it, Rolling Eyes
Never seen it

but research now
ive played the game though, the arcade one, but have never seen the actual anime..

my friend recmmended it to me, he said its quite an ecchi anime, the uncensored ones, i dont know what he meant on that one though, i guess i have to check it out as well XD
I watched it with my classmates four years ago, in class. Very Happy It was a rainy day so we stayed in the classroom in the physical education class. I don't really remember the story but I know it was quite attractive. Very Happy I love magic, or something like that.
I enjoyed the anime but the movie was better imo so I suggest checking out the series then watching the movie... But the Visual Novels are always better.
the selling point of TYPEMOON isn't the stories.............. but the well made character designs.
And most of them are on the ecchi/hentai genre. which attracts shounen readers such as YOU! haha kidding.
Typemoon is probably one of my favorites producers out there so anything they release i will read or see and expect high expectations out of them and up to this date they haven't let me down. when i saw fate stay night i was hook . if you are a true fan you would have played the game to get a in depth story line of the series.
I like the anime, but I'm not satisfied with the ending. Sigh.
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