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seriously. how do you get rid of them?
i can barely look at him. even though he doesnt even knwo my name. when he happens to turn my way i can't LOOK! when he's looking my way, im staring at his head. i feel so pathetic!
i have self confidence issues, maybe? im chubby and all, so yeah.
Hey, that's great to hear. It looks like your ready for your first relationship. You don't have to worry, you're doing fine. If you really like a guy, why not let him know... Introduce yourself.

It's a really exciting time of your life when you discover those feelings for the first time. Make the best of it, don't be afraid to take that challenge and tell people you love them.
Lennon wrote:
don't be afraid to take that challenge and tell people you love them.

whoa, hey now, don't wanna freak him out, lol. You can't "love" someone until you've known them for awhile. Everything else is puppy-love or infatuations. It's not the same, so never toss around the word "love" unless you're sure you know what it means.

the best thing is to relax. Be normal around him, and flirt a little if you want his attention. Don't devote yourself to him because that's just scary obsessive stalking, not at all attractive. Just be cool, but show you're interested with some flirting. If he's man enough, he'll pick up on the flirts and flirt right back, and hopefully it'll move foward from there Smile
Don't beat yourself up about it - everyone has a crush or 10 at some point.
The best place to start is to try and build up enough confidence to make conversation with him and find out more about him. It doesn't have to be anything personal - talk to him about films, music, something general, and just let it go from there.
This could also put an end to your crush in another way. Sometimes when you get to know someone by their personality they just don't live up to your expectations.

Please don't be disappointed if that happens, it's happened to the best of us Rolling Eyes
i've been dating the same guy for a year now and i'm just now experiencing crushes on other people. i'd love to get rid of them..but they're harmless if you don't let anything happen. and if something's not meant to be (at least at that place and time) anyway.

as far as crushes go, just let things run their course. have fun, DON'T stress out if you can help it, and be careful.

no aids please!

Code of Ruin
A crush mostly is just a fase you go through and it doesn't actually mean anything. It is just part of growing up. Most people have crushes at some point (though I am an exception) and it can be fun for a while to hang out with someone but in general a crush seldom lasts for more than 2 or 3 months. Just don't go creepy stalking on him, that would really drive him away. Just talk to him but not out of the blue cuz that will scare him off too.
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